cbd1235 Reddit Collection Post

Hey guys my buddy came over today and took a bunch of pictures of my collection and posted it on Reddit. He wanted some Karma or something so I said sure why not :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t use Reddit at all but he’s an avid user and I’m sure you guys must have heard of it or even go on there. I think there’s a little bit of buzz on there. Anyways the post is on r/pokemon, I think it’s the 9th one down:


I tried to give him as much info as I could, some of it isn’t perfect but it might increase rare card and collecting awareness!

What’s the title of the thingy?

EDIT: Nevermind, I found it :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s called “My Friend’s Card Collection Valued OVER $50 000!!!”

cbd; up there with the best collection in the world :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I don’t think it’s quite up there yet but I’m really happy with what I’ve been able to achieve :blush: It’s awful crowded up at the top!

amazing to see all these cards together in one picture… :open_mouth:

hey cbd: you have TMB No. 1, SSB, No. 1, Pika 98 full set, pika 97 No. 2 going to smpratte… right? do you also have the other SSB’s?

Thank you! And correct but I only have the #2 SSB. I sold the #3 that I had and I’m always looking for that #1!

wow base set 1st ed booster packs is that a whole box?

It’s just an empty shadowless box. All the packs are loose 1st ed. packs that I’ve accumulated as an investment. I have 29.