Just Won $1500 at the tables and it is all going for pokemon cards!! Im stoked!

Wow! Good for you! I was just at Laughlin this weekend. It’s a small area around the Colorado River at the border of Nevada, Arizona, and California. All the adults in my family went and gambled, but only my aunt won money - she apparently hit big at Roulette.

I wish I could gamble :angry:

My parents and uncle went to the casino, of course my parents lost, and my uncle won $500 LOL

Lucky…I have 2 1/2 months before I can legally gamble. What card are you going to pursue with your new found windfall? :blush:

I want so many cards :blush: I will be using some on completing sets and the rest hopefully on a rare card! If anyone has has a Japanese trophy card for sale let me know

Hahah congrats Haze!! :blush: that is awesome! But seriously guys, stories like these are quite rare. You guys shouldn’t be excited to gamble, statistically you are going to lose money if you do. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a reason every casino is lavish!

Congrats Haze,

I think you’re smart to buy something you like with the winnings. Most people go back and lose what they’ve won plus more…

@avalanche I tend to go once a week and come out around $400 as I do play poker which is a lot better odds which Dan was talking about. I try to get out when I am ahead.

Wow that is mighty impressive!