CarelessWhiskers' Collection Thread

Here is the start of my collection thread featuring some of my favorites! A lot of these were self-submitted to PSA so the grades are all over the place. I will start adding pictures of some ungraded cards, too.

1st Edition Base Set Greats

Assorted Graded Charizards

Birthday Pikachus

Masaki Set

Trophy Cards/Victory Medals/Special Promos

Assorted Favorites

Uncut Sheets

Sealed Stuff
I’ve got too many random sealed things, but here are a few of my favorites :slight_smile:

Shadowless Base Set Holo Test Card
Article to CGC “certifying” cards from this sheet.

Blank Shadowless

Games & Stuff


beautiful cards!! I gotta ask, does the pokemon snap sticker printer still work??

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Thank you :slight_smile: yes, it sure does.


Those uncut sheets are amazing. Do you just frame them for condition/storage or do you display them as well?

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Thanks, I’m a big fan of uncut sheets! I frame them mostly for storage purposes with the intent to display them someday but I never have enough wall space :smiley:

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You’ve got an amazing collection. The Pokemon Snap print station is fabulous! Great stuff!


You have an awesome collection. Very interested to see more of your Japanese promos stuff. Thanks for making this thread and sharing your collection. Looking forward to seeing more.

Thanks again and cheers!


Ok, you inspired me to take a few more pictures! They’re not all bangers but I like the history behind these Japanese promos

And here’s your underrated Japanese promo for the day :smiley:

I don’t know why it’s not more popular.


It looks like a typo was made in your post, and I hate to be that guy, fixing other people’s sentence structures but it was pretty egregious in potentially lending to an opposite interpretation of the statement than what is intended, so in this case I wanted to fix it.


Dang, I just saw your post on the collection sub about the disco blank. Now Im jealous of your uncut deck sheet. So many amazing cards in your collection. Thanks for sharing it!

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Awesome collection! There’s a little bit of a lot of stuff, but that Pokemon Snap Station takes the cake!

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Such a great collection, so many great items! I too love the playmat slowpoke and think it’s really under appreciated!

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Awesome collection, congratulations!

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@CarelessWhiskers WOW! You’ve got some amazing stuff! Really cool to see! I love the gameboy promos a lot. Thanks for sharing!

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Banger post

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Absolutely gorgeous. It brings me immense joy to look at your pictures because how similar it is to mine. And I absolutely agree, the history behind these cards is what makes them extra special. Thanks a lot for sharing your pictures, your collection is awesome. Looking forward for more.

Also, you need to make a recurring post for underrated Japanese promos! :wink:



Thank you :slight_smile:

That sounds pretty fun, I might have to do that… For now, here’s today’s underrated promo

This whole set (10th anniversary) is full of undervalued cards, the fact that you can still pick up one of these rare Mew promos for under $30 is astonishing to me.


This is amazing, thank you for sharing!

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Love the Toyota Pikachu!

Will prob look to get one for myself soon at some point


It’s definitely one of my favorites. Amazing how cheap they still can be found!