Cards Storage: Bankers Box or...?

Hey all,

I am finally purchasing some boxes to store my binders away. Right now I keep 12 binders and I am trying to determine the most efficient way to store these. They are Ultra Pro Premium Binders which measure 10" x 12"; I would imagine they fit in most standard size boxes but I am looking for some sage wisdom. :sunglasses:

If you do not recommend storing them in boxes, how should I go about it?


I use crates and they are perfect. I’ll take pictures when I’m home in a few hours.

I am in no way a pro at this, but from what I’ve heard, if you are storing binders, they should not be stored above each other but stacked upright so there is no weight on the bottom pages. So they should be stored vertically, like a stack of books on a library shelf if I’m making any sense. XD I would think that a sealed storage unit would be better than a plain cardboard box though because of moisture, but that’s just my assumption. Another more knowledgeable member will be able to help you out better than I can. X3

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I usually store my binders upright… Is that bad? O__O

Are they stored like this: I I I I

Or this?:


The first option (the one I’m assuming you mean) is what I’ve heard is better for cards. If you just stack the binders on stop of each other like in the second option, it adds a lot of weight to your bottom binders and cards. I used to have my cards sorted via Dex # back when I was little and naive to collecting, and the binder I used was pretty huge and I had so many cards that the binder weighed a good amount. XD The cards on the bottom ended up curving because of the rings inside the binders and the pressure of the rings on the cards from all of the weight.

I also heard of the stacking recommendation from a Youtube user on a video; I’ll try to find it and link here.

In my experience, if you have the pages blocked from sliding over the rings, upright is fine.

Great advice everybody! I read mixed opinions on stacking vs. standing upright and I am leaning toward the latter option. I use binders that have side-load pages, so it looks like I will need to find a box that is 12" tall and 10" wide… *Puts on thinking cap*

Dude. I’m telling you. These crates are perfect. You can get them anywhere, too.

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Here’s the video I mentioned previously; I copied it at the time where he mentions the binder storage. If it doesn’t work, skip to around 11:20. He doesn’t explain much though. XDD

That video reminds me how badly I want a toploader binder for my shiny cards, ugh.

PrimeTimePokemon… -hisses-

Whoops did I mention somebody I shouldn’t have…? >.>;;

Very interested! Do you have a link I could take a look at? :blush:

Nope. Get off at 4. (Currently 2:51) As soon as I get home I’ll take pictures and if you like them, I’ll help you track some down.

Sounds fantastic! Thank you!

Alright. Pictures! These are my favorite solution I’ve had to storage thus far. They fit binders in sideways if the binder is standard. If not, just flip them over, as I’ve done with my toploader binder.

They stack as well on both sides. The frame bears all the weight, so binders are safe and unaffected by stacking.

Also, I just bought then at Wal-Mart. So you should be able to find them there.



I use IKEA boxes, works oerfect for non sleeved cards. The sleeved one i keep in little piles on a plank.

@funmonkey54, those pictures are great! I will consider those for sure. :grin: