Card Cubes

On this site they have them do you think it’s a fair price at $96 for 70 holo’s.

If you have a hundred bucks to burn, or you want some random cards for your deck, then have at it. As a collectible? Forget it.

Also, it’s not 70 holos.

Most cards are Dmg-EX in those cubes as far as I am aware. If you are okay with spending $1.37 per card that include Reverse holos and EX condition cards, its your call!

Cheers won’t buy it. Probably would get a ton of reverse holo’s.

Cheers won’t buy it.

nananana mysteries… lollol the mysteries of a random cube… it’s so exciting!!! even though we all know it is mostly damaged and played card excess from a store… they usually put some okay ones in there. But i broke one which was full of bad trainers, and i broke others with web series and a no rarity blastoise once… so yeah, it’s a mystery…

but after the video on youtube, the store found out about this, and made the blocks crapper now… so yeah, the store knows they were losing money, and doesn’t put that many good cards in there now. These are definitely the reduced size packs, after the store found out about the youtube video.

The seller is maybe only making 30-45% on that, so i think it is a fair price…



inside the pack…

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If it was a bit cheeper then I might of. Poke soup the youtuber made a Vid on the website and the holo cube. 100% Holo Pokemon Card Mystery Cube - WE FINALLY GET THE REAL DEAL! - YouTube


It’s a fair price to the seller… Those things are never worth, I think

Seeing at they can get them in Japan for a fraction of the price… Get it to give them a nice return!!

The youtubers opening mystery packs/cubes usually get a great pack since the seller knows they are on youtube and hopes that people will watch the video and then think “oh this seller is legit, this seller actually gives out good cards” and then makes a lot of money on shipping off terrible cards. Sometimes the youtuber is even in on this shady practise.
Stay. Away.