card-collectors-club ebay shilling

I can’t even find any closed auctions from this goof which means this was months ago?

He has open auctions right now, had ones close from about up to a week or two ago and has some ending later too… This is a new seller and he is on the UK site, not sure if that makes a difference.

If you can’t find it ill get a link for you. Every one of his competeded listings has at least one retracted bid on it, and the buyer t***r (103) has bids on almost every single item? He is either shilling or this t***r (103) guy is loaded but fails at ebay hard?

I just searched it again by copying your title “card-collectors-club” and it’s an 18 rated person who has no activity active or closed.

Must not sell in the U.S.

He is from the UK so I guess not. It is rediculous though, is there any way to report it?

You have to click “Report Item” on the listing’s site and then fill the form like this:

According to this - click - eBay doesn’t care about it at all, as always:
"ebay doesn’t care either, there is no way they could keep up with it. They aren’t going to ban their moneymakers. "

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Ebay likes buyers over sellers so maybe there is a chance? I’m going to fill it out regardless.

Yeah but in this case it’s like higher price = more $$$ for eBay

But of course you can report it, why not?

Maybe you should report several listings so they’ll take a closer look. It’s not a one-time thing but it happens frequently.

I will try that. I just hate the dishonesty of some people!