Card Binder

So, I realized that when I was putting my cards back into my card binder, that the sleeves are falling apart.
I have no way of getting individual sleeves for cords nor do I have the money to get a new card binder.
I got this one from my ex-bf and I am like, UGH.

I don’t know what I am gonna do when my booster packs come in the mail…

Should I just keep using the card binder until i’m able to get a new one?
Just put the cards in the booster pack’s packages?

My advice would be to buy a pack card sleeves. If you don’t want to buy a proper card binder you could use a standard 3 ring folder and put pages in it (this is what i do).

I’m with snap. I have binders for some completed sets. The rest of my collection is in a 3 ring folder, those pages are less expensive than a buying a proper binder.

I have like a .28 cents in the bank right now. and .35 cents in change.

Wait to open the boosters until you can get sleeves


Lol sell your cards so you can eat

That’s one idea. But I am impatient when it comes to opening boosters. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have food stamps. I’m fine with food.

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at the very least ensure you have a safe enough place to put any holos or ultras u pull

Besides, I am getting the booster packs for free.
And I will just put the cards into the current card binder I have.
And once I get money, I will buy a nice card binder and/or sleeves.

I need to get me some of those

I feel it haha

Yeah, haha. For the time being, they will go into binders until I am able to properly put them into card sleeves. I have 4 of them on the way.