Cancelled ebay purchase

I bought a Ancient mew psa 10 rare ( MISCUT CARD ) from a eBay seller.


Seller: hegz89

Who messaged me within the hour to say he had forgotten to cancel the listing, refunded me instantly as he has to self-isolate at home.

I said i don’t mind waiting. I understood where he was coming from as he can’t leave home.

I’m not saying he is lying or anything. But for some reason i think it may have sold outside of eBay for a higher price.

Now to find another one if it exists.

It’s getting cut throat out there. I unfortunately don’t assume this won’t happen for anything unique. If you want it, and are ok buying from him, lay it out straight and offer more if you want. Money talks.

Out of curiosity: how can a miscut card be PSA-10?


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