Canadian Equivalent to Troll & Toad


Pretty self explanatory in the title. I’m looking to buy Commons and uncommons to finish binders and I recently got slapped with import fees from troll and toad. Does anyone know a Canadian equivalent that has good amount of stock from WOTC era?


I’ve gotten a lot of good stuff from Face to Face over the years. NM condition there is actually NM or better usually and the prices are usually even better than eBay or most US sites I’ve been on. They are primarily into selling Magic cards but do on occasion get a lot of older Pokemon cards in and carry quite a bit in stock most of the time.

401 Games can be decent as well, however they are often overpriced until you spend enough money to get the discount on singles. They have a loyalty program for this ( They usually carry a good amount of WOTC as well.

Your other option is your local game stores and pawn shops, you never know what you’ll find in these.


I used TCGplayer to buy commons and uncommons for my Diamond and Pearl era binders and had no import fees. I think it’s because they were sent from by sellers and non of the orders were over $100 USD each.

I haven’t used them for WOTC era cards but I would expect the experience to be similar.

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