Campaign for a Curated E4 Article Section

I know i always hear scott talking about how every card in 1st edition base has an identity; it’d be really cool to see a break down of every cards identity. The little things that are special about it, errors, difficulty to grade, etc. Im very interested in this info, but given the availability of 1st edition base these days, it seems like it would be difficult to understand these nuances of grading, for example, seeing as the supply of pack fresh cards is much more limited today. Like a beginner’s guide to 1st base!

This articles section is a great idea btw, theres such a rich trove of knowledge on efour!


I have read all the feedback and would like to start implementing more of these.

Right now, there has been a request to fix this article Carddass Pocket Monsters (Pokemon) Anime Collection

There are limitations on how tall an image can be and also the ratio of width to height. I do like having them all in one image but it might be better to slice them into rows and upload them separately. The imgur link with the full image can stay on the page for those who prefer the complete collage.

If someone wants to start slicing each row out of the images and reuploading it to the site, I would be very grateful. You can post it in this thread. Otherwise I will get around to doing it myself soon

I’ll do it some time over the weekend.


I feel bad asking because I read that it took you a long time to put it together in the first place :sweat_smile:

I don’t mind doing it, but since it’s your article I’ll leave the choice up to you


Out of curiosity, how would you propose the pages look like?

I think it’s a good idea to link all the releases of the same card because there might be possible insight as to how common a card is (mainly JP with their numerous reprints everywhere, granted they are mostly for normal art cards) or first editions, errors etc of the same card.

It’s just their setup is godawful. There’s a paragraph whose information is better served in a table, there is a hodgepodge of artworks of different languages and then a table on the right that is terrible at linking the two.

I guess the dream database would have all of that and each language the card has been printed in. Just I’m not sure the digital art exists for other languages and especially old cards.

I think it’s only one guy who updates it? So that would make it harder even if he had every card in existence.

It’s basically a dream at this point. You basically hit on all the right points here so I think you probably can see the same potential I do. It’s just a massive undertaking to create an alternative to Bulbapedia, especially for one person (me). It’s not something I’d do without the support of a lot of people. One of the (many) reasons for this thread was to identify people who are the right kind of helpful for any future projects like this. So far, I got a decent number of ideas here but not much implementation yet :sweat_smile:. It’s ok though I’m patient and this campaign is something I’m coming at with long-term type thinking. I appreciate any contributions of course.

Regarding the Bulbapedia thing, if we were to attempt it I’d just start small. Maybe just flesh out a Base-Jungle-Fossil card pages first, similar to the suggestion by @needszeebs. No idea when or if that will happen


I think what is holding the people back the most for making articles is the idea to have a completed and finalized product from the start. With all the members of the forum together I’m certain we can make great things happen but if everybody is waiting for someone to act and then start critiquing the article I doubt we will make great progress because only the people who are certain of their article will step up.

Another thing that is holding some back is the idea of being the only person who can change the thread and therefore is responsible for updating the thread aswell.
(I say some people but I actually mean myself :laughing:)

Can something like an open thread be made where everyone can change the top post? Or maby a thread where there are 5 people who can make changes? This way it wouldn’t all rest on one persons shoulders. I do know that order is important and not every idiot should be allowed to make changes to a thread like that. :sweat_smile:

And I agree these things are a long-term project but it could go allot faster if more people can help out. :smile:

I mentioned a couple of times but I get things can get lost in the details.
The forum has a “wiki” setting that allows anyone above a certain trust level to edit the OP of a thread. I can turn these on if people want to collaborate. I don’t expect a finished product to start with, even a set of points or a skeleton will work.

But the one thing I will say is to avoid creating like 5+ skeleton threads all at once because they will fill up the Latest section

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What if it’s the mods/admin that are allowed to create the skeleton thread? That way you guarantee a bunch of ones don’t clog up the latest, and you can bring attention to just a couple of subjects for everyone to contribute to if they have that trust level. Kinda like a “topic of the week/month”. Then after a bit, a new skeleton thread for a new subject. Just so there’s control over the amount of threads being made, and attention can be focused rather than spread out around a bunch of topics. Granted it would take a while to get a large amount of topics this way.


I think this is a great idea. I will put up 3 later tonight to see how well this will work


Thanks for being thoughtful.

Thankfully, slicing the images for this task is easier than one might think, as the slice tool in photoshop makes light work of it. I was able to quickly outline and select the boundaries of the rows, and then export them all at once in bulk. It took a few minutes at most.

Uploading them was just as easy thanks to being able to upload 5 images at once.

They should all show correctly now.


Two skeletons are up. Any constructive additions are welcome no matter how small.

PS. I have full view of the edit history :mag: