Call of Legends

So, a while ago these boxes seemed to sit on peoples eBays for ages and just could not sell. Now the amount of boxes seems to have diminished somewhat and there are practically no boxes up for sale.

Has anybody tracked/monitored the trend for these boxes and this set in general? I know the Holo Energy cards are relatively quite valuable for players but other than that I just remember it being that black sheep set that was more or less laughed at for being awful.

Not sure about the current price of booster boxes. But, when the set first came out I opened 2 booster boxes plus some blisters here and there. I’ve got one complete master set plus a pretty close second one minus Shiny’s on the 2nd set. Tons of extra pack fresh commons, uncommons, rares, reverses, and holos aswell… The pull rates were so bad on the Shiny Legends that I stopped opening packs for the most part after the boxes…

I’ve been looking for a box recently, but haven’t seen one in a while.

Youtubers went crazy for them in the last year or so, and I can understand why. Beautiful holos, and those Shiny Legend cards are gorgeous. Always has been an underrated set imo.


How much are the SL shinys worth?

Most of them are in the $10 range with some going for up to $20. I feel like the boxes are going to get more and more expensive as people chase the SLs though. Even more so than now

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