BW-era "How to Play" Sheets Help

Does anybody know more about these? Like what the official title of the sheets are, when they were released, if there’s a more well-known fan-given name for them or if there’s any place to buy them online (especially the second one)?

I have the first sheet which looks the picture below and has Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Timburr, Litwick and Zorua “cards”; I also know there is a second one but I can’t remember which six Pokemon were used for it other than Pikachu and Victini and cannot find any pictures of it/the cards due the vague information about these on the Internet.

Not to actually add any real help here (since I haven’t tried to find anything out about these yet), but I have images of the other sheet in my to do folder.


i actually own that sheet what do u want to know about it? It was a teach set for kids in japan I believe like elementary not many are still around due to the fact they were given to very young kids they are pretty rare now a days.

I own that one as well. I was wondering if there’s another name for these besides “How to Play Sheets” like how the Intro Pack is also known as the “Video Intro Set,” or if there’s any place to find/buy the second sheet that Maverick Nate helpfully posted because I don’t have that one.

people call it teach set

I used to own the pikachu version, now I own the diamons and pearl teach oversized cards… Check my bucket :wink: