Buying official Pokemon Charmander plush & PSA 10 cards

Hello all

I wanted to update you all that my new favorite Pokemon is now Charmander and not tyranitar…

Yeah right. But like the thread subject says im looking for an official Pokemon Charmander plush. Im not that informed or looking for the cheapest price. So milk me for all im worth. I bought one but it was fake :sweat:.

Also im interested in some PSA 10 Charmander cards. I saw a shiny Japanese one or a promo. It was really playful looking. Im also interested in other ones as well so if you have any feel free to offer. More than. Likely I’ll pay the price if it’s the one i want.


By official do you mean official from the Pokémon center? Otherwise there are many licensed Pokémon official ones from amazon, toys r us (not in the US), etc.

Preferably Pokemon center.

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The holiday plushies are available on the US Pokémon center site!


I’ll stop reading there. Charmander is a cool dude.

I have a spare build a bear Charmander, the online exclusive one that I could sell with or without the goodies that come with him. I got it during one of their sales that I could pass along to a fellow Charmander enthusiast at cost. If that interests you let me know and I could find out what exactly my shipped cost would be on that.

I also have two PSA 10’s in my store that I could let go quite a bit cheaper than they are listed. I tend to list Charmander high but I have plenty more of each of those cards to grade if they move.