Buying Magnemites (mostly non English)

Hello! I’m aware most of these are available on ebay, but I thought might as well see if anyone’s sitting on bulk. Shipping is to the United States. Willing to negotiate, especially for older or rarer cards.

Unless otherwise stated, conditionwise I’m looking for NM-LP (back wear fine, minor edgewear, small/hard to see scratches/dents, preferably no creases)

I also apologize for this mess of a post, trying to cover all my bases for the rules and what I already have.

Bulk (basically anything common rarity that’s not specifically stated later)
20c each

Looking for these cards specifically:

click here

EX Dragon 61 code 6A4-SS5-CUU
EX Dragon 62 all codes
World Championship Deck Rocky Beach (Reed Weichler)
World Championship Deck Team Rushdown (Kevin Nguyen)
EX Dragon 63 code 827-0U2-N9R
EX Dragon 63 code 827-0U2-SJ9
EX Team Rocket Returns 66 code JY0-BQZ-ENP
EX Team Rocket Returns 66 code JY0-BQZ-U3X
EX Delta Species 70 code 4HS-1Z9-NNB
EX Delta Species 74 code 3ZU-URY-BNZ
World Championship Deck Megazone (Gustavo Wada)

Everything but old back, Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky 1st, Plasma Gale UED, Blue Shock 1st, Red Flash 1st, Tag All Stars, Dream League

all (lol)


all but Team Rocket

all but base set

all but base set, both Ultra Prism


all but Legend Maker

All but Plasma Gale, Red Flash, Sky Legend, Dream League


Time Gazer 44/67

Base set 1st excluding German
$5 each

Chinese Base UED

Korean Base
$25 each (1st and UED)
Very placeholder price

Team Rocket 1st
$1 each
Excluding English

Japanese Crossing the Ruins

Holo Neo Discovery 1st
$20 each
Preferably NM
May not be always actively buying these due to price

Holo Neo Discovery UED
$10 each
Preferably NM
Excluding English

Nonholo Neo Discovery 1st
$9 each

Nonholo Neo Discovery UED
$2 each
Excluding German

Japanese eseries
50c each

Non Japanese eseries
$2 each excluding English Aquapolis 52 and 91

Eseries reverse holos
$9 each
Preferably NM
All excluding English Aquapolis 76

EX era/4th gen reverse holos
$5 each (very flexible here depending on condition/amount)
Preferably NM
Only looking for these three in English
EX Team Rocket Returns
EX Delta Species 70
EX Delta Species 74
All in other languages

Polish Diamond and Pearl
$25 each (nonholo and reverse holo)

Modern (BW and newer) reverse holos
$0.50 each
Preferably NM
Excluding English, Japanese
All in other languages excluding both Italian BREAKThrough, Italian Cosmic Eclipse, Italian Astral Radiance, Korean Ultra Shiny, Korean Dream League

Russian BREAKThrough
$10 for the nonholos
$15 for the reverse holos

McDonalds holos (including French 2019)
NM (a bit bendy is fine as long as it’s not creased)
$1 each
All languages excluding English

Shiny secret rare
$3 each
All languages excluding English

Full Art character secret rare
$5 each
All languages excluding English and Japanese


If it helps in your search, Portuguese only has the base set, and the jumps straight to Ruby & Sapphire

The Jungle and Fossil sets are released in Portuguese as well (although both lacked Magnemite cards I guess). After that came indeed the Portuguese EX Ruby & Sapphire set.


Yes yes. I was only regarding Magnemites :stuck_out_tongue:. Indeed translation to my language was dropped after Fossil, sadly. Would have been super cool to see cards like Aqui Vem a Equipe Rocket and Truque Ninja do Koga.

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Bump, if you’re in Europe + sitting on non Eng bulk Mites + don’t have painful international ship I’d love to hear from you, as there’s also a couple cards on Cardmarket I’d be interested in. :wink:



I have a Magnemite. Unlimited Holon Research Tower quarter deck. I just opened the deck for the Eevee inside.

Not the best time to do this money wise or shipping wise, but might as well put out feelers for stuff again. OP will eventually be updated with stuff I’ve gotten in the meantime.

I might be able to get the Polish cards for you

Definitely interested, please let me know if you do. Time to ponder my money priorities.

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I found a reverse holo Magnemite in Polish. A regular Magneton as well if you wanted that too

Definitely interested in the Magnemite, but I’ll pass on the Magneton for now.

Okay! I’ll see if I can get it thrown in as an extra, otherwise I’ll get just the Magnemite. How much are you willing to spend on it?

Based on thread, I’ll start with $25?

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