Buying: Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky 1st Edition Box

I am offering 125 US delivered to Australia for this box.
I am open to negotiation over the price, and may be interested in multiple of these if the price is right.

Please drop me a PM.

You probably saw it but here is one I can’t tell if it is 1st edition or not:

Yup I saw that one, if I can’t find a 1st Edition soon then I will take it.

…aaaaaannnnndddddddd it’s gone.

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Rip in peaces

Lol, you sir just got shafted by a lurker or something!

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They sure are quick around here.

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Sorry lol maybe should have pm’d you sneaky lurkers you!

I will say that I was considering it myself when I saw the price, I do like the dp era box arts despite not being a massive fan of the sets within them.

Intense/Stormfront is the best set amongst some real lemons from DPP era for me.

I only like some of the artworks in the DP… Some of them are really nice and old school exyness, but some of them have those huge heads/ sort of moving towards the Heart gold/soul silver kind of looks. Almost like the huge head ex’s of today… Things be changing for the pokemon layouts back in the dp days.