Buying: Dragtrode 2006 deck list

I’m looking to build an old deck list that was around a while back. I once had this deck but alas lost to Father Time.

As these will be sleeved and played with once again condition is not specific to NM. LP is fine and hoping it opens up a bigger pool of sellers. Not sure how to price these. As conditions and prices vary so much.

UK buyer. Using PayPal GS.

4x Rocket’s Sneasel ex ex trr
2x Dark Dragonite ex trr
3x Dark Dragonair ex trr
3x Dratini ex trr
2x Dark Electrode ex trr
2x Voltorb FRLG
1x Rocket’s Scyther ex ex trr
1x Solrock LM
1x Lunatone LM
3x Holon Mentor
3x Steven’s Advice
2x Rocket’s Admin
2x Scott
1x Mr Briney’s Compassion
1x Holon Adventurer
1x Holon Scientist
4x Holon Transceiver
4x Rocket’s Poke Ball
4x Desert Ruins
1x Rocket’s Hideout
4x R Energy ex trr
4x Darkness Energy
4x Dark Metal Energy ex trr
3x Rainbow Energy

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Youll have to put something. Put in a lowest price with a plus and say its negotiable.


I have everything. Let me know what you’re offering :slight_smile:


Messaged you.

Bump. Still looking for cards for the deck posted above.

Paying up to $100 US per sneasel.

Dragonite/electrode up to $ 20 each

Rares up to $15

Common / uncommon 3-10

I have a lot of them, can look if I can find the missing ones. However I don’t accept GS on Paypal.
It’s FF if paypal is your only option, but I prefer to offer them on Cardmarket as a “collection” if we can work out the details. Shipping from the Netherlands.


Hey man I’ve messaged you

Please don’t call me “man/dude/bro” .