Buying a Huskie Puppy

I’m planning to buy a baby male huskie puppy. Please help me with names. PLEASE NO POKEMON NAMES

Mr. Nostage Squarecut

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I want like a strong masculine name.



Alexander Jones.

Jerome the Husky.

Husky Jim.



Big Ben.

Any Civil War General name except David E. Twiggs.

Nicknames for Presidents and Civil War Generals.

Barney. :blush:

Captain Leland Francis Stottlemeyer

I was thinking maybe a greek gods name…

He’ll look something like this:

Awesome breed. lol. You can guess what I’d name him but since you don’t want pokemon names you should choose Hector! Most epic name imo :wink:

Zelda Gilroy :wink:

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Poseidon came to mind…
That or Zeus.


How does Langston sound?

I was thinking of Lance or Poseidon not sure yet… still looking for names.

Lance… sounds familiar…

Poseidon is cool.
The eyes are blue like the ocean.

I was thinking Lance before because of sir lancelot and not from the Elite 4

Lance is a rather effeminate name here. I still like Mr. NoStage SquareCut. It’s kinda like Mr. SpongeBob SquarePants lol.

Also referring to someone’s blastoise… Not mentioning anyone’s name COUGHGARYCOUGH

Oh yeah, I didn’t realize that lol.