Buyee package was returned to sender. What should I do?

Just found out on april 15 a fairly expensive package that I purchased off of mercari through buyee was returned to sender.
I was not notified about this in any way so this is why I am only finding out about this now.

What action should I take?
I don’t know how to contact them about this and my purchase history doesn’t give me any options to contact buyee or ask for refunds. I assume my package is sitting in their warehouse and is about to be thrown out or has already been thrown out. I did purchase Insured Delivery and Inspection on this package.

Any advice is appreciated thank you.

@buckna, Thank you very much for the reply I appreciate it. But is it now strange that the package was returned almost a month ago without so much as a heads up or is that what has been happening with everyone?

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How expensive was the package? This is always what worries me with these proxy sites

@sacari, If you weren’t notified about the return, how did you find out about it?

I have a Buyee package that was posted to EMS on April 6 and nothing has updated on the tracking since then.

@surfnsnow,I got a completely different buyee package in the mail today and it was something I purchased almost a month after the one this thread is talking about. So i went to check on my purchase history in buyee and looked at the tracking, the tracking said it was returned to sender.

@crystalcollector149, About $150 for a natta wake bday pikachu. Honestly I have never had issues before. It would be fine if it weren’t for covid and it will honestly probably will be fine eventually.


April 14th buyee here. No update

Still no contact or update about my package :sweat: