Burning shadows necrozma gx for any other BS GX card

So I have le necrozma gx card, i can send it in a plastic wallet/toploader, looking to trade it for any other gx card in the burning shadows series as i’m trying to complete it. I don’t mind if it’s a used card but preferrably near mint quality as mine is pretty good (don’t want a battered up card xD). This will be a like for like trade so no money involved. Let me know what you have, heres:

Only trading with UK based people.

I have Salazzle GX in mint condition if you want that. Are there any other under 5 dollar cards you are looking for?

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Salazzle would be perfect but i’m guessing you’re American if you’re talking about dollars. I should probably mention i’m only doing trades with UK based traders, from america would toke too long to receive D =