Bulbapedia Pain Points?

Organize it like this:
Main page is Vaporeon.
Then have each artwork pictured, in order of release date. When you click on an artwork, it shows every variant of that card such as 1st ed, reverse holo, stamps, and all languages it’s in.

None of this grouping by cards that have the same HP and moves. They aren’t the same card when being released in different sets with different artwork.

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I am an absolute dunce when it comes to website coding and don’t know if it would be feasible, but my ideal pokemon online encyclopedia would allow me to hover over a card in a set list and see where the link redirects to without clicking on it, e.g. hover over Magneton in the Ex Power Keepers set list and see that’s it a reprint from Ex Dragon, and over Mawile and see it’s a genuinely new card.

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You have to use some relational/network** model - and capture everything.

Release Date
Card Text


Card Rarity (common, uncommon …)
Card Set
Card Number
IMG front
IMG back

And so forth…

Id want to search by species, set/release type& date. With filters for language, time frame of release and the ability to select 1 or multiple speicies.

Giving the ability to search all and utilize more unique filters

& all information comes ranked by relativity to my search with the card profiles with card imgs and the above fields.

In terms of the question to species with additional naming conventions (dark, GX, light …) would be advanced filiters Vaporeon

I think all the websites ive seen use a hierarchical approach and its just not good it limits the capabilities for the end user or makes it redundant when searching

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