Brendantheclayboy's Collection - Slowwwww, more slowwwww 2/05/2023

Lovely share and a really great collection story. I used to read all of your collection posts on the old forum, albeit wasn’t active myself much there, but I have always enjoyed your passion and enthusiasm. Its truly inspiring and compelling to also share a bit more of the collection journey, emotions and feelings on acquiring some cards myself.

Congratulations on the lottery trio purchases, they are absolutely beautiful. Very happy for you. And I would also say welcome back. Looking forward to more of your stories and more wonderful insights.



I’m really glad that my sharing inspires other people to personalize their collection threads with stories and more detail. It’s what I love most about the forum and about my friends’ collections. And even strangers when they do so. I’m very touched that I make an impact on even one single person. I know others who make a huge impact on me. There are very special people here–I do not take that for granted.

Thanks a lot bubbles! I love your collection as well and am excited to see what you may have next! Bring on the stories, bring on the emotion!


Another great update as usual, waiting eagerly (but patiently, you’ve earned your posting pause) for the 2 subset additions you mentioned and especially the slow-update, may that be slowest of all time!


Dude! Not sure how I missed this! I mean, cmon, fantastic update as always. I feel like you’ve been such a good influence on me in this hobby. The passion and positivity you exude is contagious. The trio is sick, well done. Absolutely love the Porygon family pic. I need to post an update sometime myself with my latest Porygon and Porygon2 pickups :wink: I’m so so happy you like the Golduck. I can’t think of a better home for it. I feel so grateful to have you as a friend, and now for one of my art pieces to be included in one of the best collection threads on efour! I need to get a nice graded copy of Misty’s Golduck as well. Would love if TPC printed a Golduck character rare. You da bomb, man. Great update!


Your collection is such a delight! So many cards I wish I had.

This is my face scrolling through this post

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Thanks a lot @joponnes, it’s gonna be a minute 'til I complete some of those other goals. Buying has slowed (lot of slow puns on this thread now) because my goal list is below around 50 cards overall now, and they are pretty darn expensive, including both binder and the few graded cards left I need (whether I grade myself or resort to buying). However, I do believe I might be close to hitting another milestone of slows, so that may very well be the next thing I add =)

@kromaticlanturn, I proudly display him in my bedroom right now. Getting a perfect frame for it is still in the works, but when I do I will take another picture. You butter me up my friend! I’ve been waiting far too long for a good collection addition from you… and yes, the more golducks the merrier! You def need a misty’s golduck!

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@ayoveer I’m dying man hahaa, I can see it now, you sitting at the computer, leaning back in your chair, literal shock! Thanks man!


No matter if it’s an inverted back holo shift texture error major miscut Komiya galarian slowking or a fossil slowpoke found from dumpster fire i will give my unconditional love for it, bring it on!

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wow porygon is my fav too and i just bought a psa 8 one as i cant affod the psa 9 of this card adding him to my eevee fan club bgs 8


Awesome! Major congrats on the impending Porygon! It’s the most beautiful card ever. I’m sure you’ll be super happy with it =)

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thank you i am the fan club ones are really nice and been a goal of mine. ill prob get the magikarp too although im not a big fan and its the same art like neo and i think they should have given it a unique art as well. on a side note, i do also plan to get the fanclub jumbo cards which have amazing artwork but i do wonder if psa grade those or would it just sit in a sleeve as im afraid it get damaged. i only ever saw one of those graded.

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and btw yea buying porygon especially in red version was nightmare with buying coins being able to just buy 5 or 50 at a time and porygon costing 99999 coins. i love the old games and still play them to this day. bought a nintendo 3ds XL to buy them on the shop before it closes :slight_smile:

p.s i’m also a cat lover and got beautiful baby female sphynx. well not so much baby she is 6 months old.

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The original games are the best, gen 1 and 2 all day! Infinite pleasure and gaming, especially when you have a buddy to battle with!

Love it =)

Today is a fine day to showcase another great milestone in my slowbro trophies. I am really pleased to see so many of my people hit really tough goals and acquire some huge and beautiful cards (ahem, Jopo, ahem). I always figure things come best in three’s, so we can now say that my first slowbro update was part one of three, so here’s part two.

Now, onto the show, the newest captures since my first slow share. And it is fitting that this is the year anniversary. The shadow show has quite the array of beasts in the tent now! Amnesiacs!

Where to begin? Let’s zoom in.

Komiyaaaa! Alas, I had planned on having the trio hit the 9’s, but that grader decided these two were “better” than the same conditioned light slowbro, the best of them artistically–no, there’s no bias there. I know I will have him eventually. Komiya is a god, of course of course. And these are some of god’s best creations. That isn’t questioned anymore by anyone. And then of course there’s the unbelievable Hama Chan’s slowking! What a card. Without a doubt the most unique in the whole collection. I adore it so. It is mesmerizing, the dream of a child. And I was able to get a 9 of 'ole Playmat Slowpoke! What can I say, the 7 bugged me. This one was in the same condition, the top right old back corners do the trick, but I gotta admit the off number, saying that gross 7 no less, bothered me. I’m sure many relate.

I finally found the perfect Neo Slowking! One of my original childhood favorites. This thing is a beaut. Very clean, and with this card, particularly, I did want a perfect copy. I searched for this one for, well, you don’t wanna know. I even bought and sold 2 prior 9’s (after some dozen close-to-desired raws, always print lines bothering me). Yes, that’s right. This one was very well earned. And I now have the full set of Dark Slowbros. Had to. He is so enjoyable in the galaxy WOTC holofoil. No regrets there, a whole new way of looking at the card. I’ve always hated base set 2, but legendary collection has grown on me massively in the years. I love the reverses now too. Sabrina’s slowbro is a classic, an icon of a generation! Unseen Slowbro is glorious, a fine Harada piece, one of her finest to me.

Now… RR Dark Slowking! Wow. It is because of he that I was able to say, that’s it, it’s not just EX’s that are worth looking into, no, it is worth looking into the whole era! So this one is a very special sort of introductory card that got my excited about a new world. I am grateful to him for that. And talk about a perfect card. I mean, look at the thing. Every aspect of its layout is perfect. I love the purple accents in the text area. Dark and dank indeed. The illustration must have been utterly thrilling and stirring to bring to life. And speaking of new frontiers… when you look at Slowbro, an already perfect pokemon, and his family, you see just how amazing of treatment they got, through all of poke history. Looking at even newer eras I had found myself repeatedly thinking how amazing these are! And, in typical Japanese fashion, these JP releases are most often even better in appeal! The reverse L1 Slowbro is one such fine example. And a Kizuki Bazooka bomb! And the matching artworks with slowpoke (and another soon to be in…)? Ahh I love it when they do that. And then we get to the Slowbro EX, the one we never got in the old era. And surely nowhere near as cool. In fact, it’s hideous. So hideous only a mother (or a Brendan) could love. It is so hideous that it actually has some sort of odd appeal. I do actually like the overall design of the card, as some sort of bizarre, depraved novelty. So I thought it belonged in the shadow show. I love it.

Here we have some of the biggest prizes of the whole lot. It was in obtaining the Slowbro from Dan ketchumall just recently that I hit this milestone. I really changed a lot. I used to hate reverses. I really did. Of all varieties. But I can’t think of a more perfect way to slab a slow trophy, y’know? It is the ultimate respect and reverence to the artwork. It works splendidly. This set of reverse aquapolis slow’s define the entire set, the greatest WOTC set. They are reaaaally hot. And cool at the same time. I really look upon them as some of Kusube’s finest work. And that says so much, because she is basically top 5 in pokemon history, which is saying even more. I couldn’t help but get the web playmat poke. It is so dense, so saturated, so interesting. Very much a different art variant, not just card release or edition.

And here is Will’s Slowbro. Speaking of massive artists. A definitive Himeno classic. Must I always be a broken record about these illustrious illustrators? Yes. That style, that STYLE! It looks like she airspray brushed it to life. I’ve never seen such delicacy in pokemon art. And her color palette is unparalleled. Still need the king by his side, though. Firered Leafgreen reverses are such a good way of enjoying and encasing non holos as I’ve said just recently. They favor the background and don’t distract. Morii did such a good job in this era. Prime Slowking is the best prime card. Yes, I actually do like prime cards. I do not think they are gimmicky. Fight me. The next card is one of those pesky 10’s that I graded. 7’s aside, I’ve learned to not live too much with this mindset:


You grade enough of those zero demand cards that you couldn’t easily switcheroo the 9 and you eventually have to say meh, it’s fine. Mint is mint after all. That said, this one of the finest modern arts you can come by. In fact, there are two back to back here. Both amazing contemporary pokemon artists who’s works I look for and enjoy very thoroughly. I like the slowpoke even more.

Next, I finally got the correct artist credit Tanaka classic, the Slowpoke set debut. And why not get a matching og slowbro while I’m at it? These things are dirt cheap! The Topsuns are very exciting. They are blue and green backs, gorgeous little things. It is when I combine those, red, and my still unobtained green carddass bro that I can die happy, provided it is a slow death. We’re almost there. I think the '97 carddass slowbro is good in a 10, I’ll keep it, even though I could actually switch that one for a 9. Last but not least is L1 Slowking, for the Kizuki set. God I love them.

And before the family photo, here is another interesting thing. So I was trying to grade another vending slowbro, considering the two color variants. I submitted two. One got the 9, and one got the 10. Pictured here are the original, “light” vending slowbro (the first I got) and one of the two saturated. I was sure I was going to sell the 10, but, damnit, this is one of my favorite cards of all time. I hate the idea of doubles, but… ugh. I’ll have to hold onto this one for a while.

Geez, this picture does not portray just how different they are. The left is way more saturated than the pale boy. Ah well.

And now, the family in full, up to date!

I am very close to closing the history book on slowbro. It has been a fun, few-year ride since I decided to go the slab route with the slows. It’s a turn I didn’t expect I would have done, say, 5 years ago, but I am so glad I did. It is a very, very fun way to collect, and sometimes can be very fun when your current priority goal sees no progress for long periods at a time. There’s always some slow around to slab.


Oh, my… what an update!
First of all this whole post is a definitive testament of your devotion to the Slow-line and its awe-inspiring! At the same time, it’s a fabulous showcase of the stunnig artistic quality that this evolution line received over the years. As you said, even the worst one (Slowbro EX) is actually so bad, it’s good again.
I like that you chose to go the path of reverse holos. It’s a very neat and interesting spin for a collection like yours. Even though I don’t actively collect them myself, it sure must feel very special to own a completely mint e-series reverse with flawless surface! It elevates these absolutely god-tier artworks even further!
I’m sure you can imagine that the Playmat 'Poke and Hana Chan 'King are easily among my favorite golden age promos as well!

What makes me even happier though, is that once again, we share the same taste for modern cards as well, even though we’ve never specifically talked about them before. Both Eri Yamaki and Mina Nakai are actually two artists I also actively collect, and their Slows are certainly among their finest pieces respectively!

To sum it up, awesome update! Loved each and every sentence and picture of it (and that’s without even going into your Vending, VS etc. Slows!).
Excited to see what you’ve got in store for us in the future!