Brendantheclayboy's Collection - Expedition through Water & Sky - Biggest Goal Complete 11/18/2023

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*** See THIS LINK for my latest addition entailing the completion of WOTC with E series ***

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I have been loving the great threads I have been seeing lately. I’d like to share mine over time as well.
I’m gonna launch this with a sentimental one that got me back in the hobby almost 10 years ago. I just got it back after realizing I needed to preserve it and its memory forever.
8 years ago it was that special time for me, like many of us, to relive a significant nostalgic experience of my childhood. I went out and got a base booster box for what is now unfathomably cheap and surprised my friend with it, and asked him if he wanted to open it with me. Naturally he said yes, and we did, giddy like I hadn’t been in a long time. I opened it up meticulously, preserving even the shrink, and pulled one single Venusaur pack and laid it aside to never open it again–I still have that now. We sat there that afternoon and opened the remaining 35 packs, laughing and trippin’ all the way through.
I got great pulls (all of which, the holos, are at PSA getting slabbed as well, after all these years of sleeping in the binder). By the last single pack I hadn’t gotten the Charizard, but I wasn’t about that. I had had a phenomenal time. The last pack was Charizard artwork. I was truly content at that moment with everything that had transpired. I looked at my buddy and said, “no matter what is in this last pack, I’m happy”. Then I tore it open, put the rare neatly upside down on my bed. We relished that last pack’s contents, taking our time with every masterful base set card, even though we had seen all in almost every pack before. It was over, and I picked up the last card, gave him one last glance, and turned it around. It was Charizard. A truly magic moment, unlike anything I had ever experienced. Surrealism. I, in my superstitious, celebratory way, not wanting to upset the balance of the universe, cleared us out of the room impetuously, almost as if to let the Zard have the room to itself for an instant, while screaming the whole time. We went back in and he was still there. This is the Charizard that I finally sent in to be slabbed, and just got back. And beside it lay the pack wrapper from which it came.

There’s a lot more to show, and a lot more to come. Many of the members here have influenced me in my recent pickups. Love seeing your guys’ collection and love for Pokemon.


Look awesome man! can’t wait to have my own :blush:


Love that story. Cool you got it from a Charizard pack and it also being the last one of the box.

Thanks for sharing, and a great first post of your collection thread. :blush:



Such a wonderful story and a beautiful card! Excited to see what else you post!

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Great collection and amazing story. Looking forward to future collection updates. What’s your next goal?


That’s the first 5xxx cert card I’ve seen! Really cool that you were able to pull and grade it yourself!


@lamplamp just wait 'til I post some of my prides!! But my short term goals, which @muk will love to hear, are some of these elusive japanese holos. I want to try 'n get the gift starter holos, great rocket’s mewtwo, and about half the vending cards (I am missing well over half).

Other than that It would be just to get those couple remaining 1st base PSA 7’s. I am trying so hard to get hitmonchan the most.

Stay tuned! I will probably most my gym stuff next, my favorite binder arrangement!


@muk yeah my first time seeing a 5xxx cert too! Looks SO GOOD!!! :blush:

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Sounds like a fantastic plan! I’m looking forward to see your progress :blush:


5xxx certs are way better than 4xxx certs.


Great collection!


Thats such a nice card!


Great start look forward to seeing more.


@brendantheclayboy Amazing story and incredible luck! Congratulations!

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This is my most beloved binder arrangement. I got into Pokemon because of R/B/Y. I love the Gym leaders, their personalities, the lore around them. When the 2 Gym sets came out, I felt like it was the peak of Pokemon artwork and concept. This is my DREAM TEAM!!! of each trainer, a combo of their canonical lineups, my idea of what they would have in a dream lineup, and associative Mon’s that I feel relate to them or vise versa in cases where they aren’t with them directly in the games. One day I want my own trainer card and I can put in a “Master Ball” 9th badge page of me and my own beloved Pokemon. Enjoy :grin:


Nice! There is something very iconic about the Gym sets. Even though it’s mostly “Sugimori stock art plastered onto an half-assed background”, it triggers a lot of sentimental and nostalgic reactions in me. Sugimori art never went back to this level after the original era IMO.


I love the way you’ve set up those binder pages, f for all those that didn’t make the cut


Couldn’t agree more man.

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I want thank @liron for this wonderful work of my beloved Slowbro. So glad to have this. Please visit his thread sometime and check out his works, which are seeming to already be flying off the shelves!!!

Here is my new addition to my collection (garnished with my favorite Slowbros of course)


@brendantheclayboy Check out how I set up my Gym sets if you ever get time. I put all Blaine’s Pokemon from both sets then Blaine. All Brock’s Pokemon then Brock etc. I think it looks sick like that! I still have to go back for the non holo’s at one point. I definitely enjoyed checking out your binder set up! There’s just something about binder sets that you can’t help but love! Looking forward to your next update. :blush: