Breaktrough BREAK cards with wrong backs - worth collecting?

Hi all,

So as some of you may have already discovered, the back of the new (english) break cards isn’t always the same. You could say that the back is printed upside down. Are these worth more or less? Worth collecting? What’s the common print? (I guess the first one, where the Pokémon is pointed to the right if you have the pokéball at the back turned up right)

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These people will want to know :blush:


Not sure what the distribution numbers are like yet for this set. How many cards did you personally pull that had the inverted vs “corrected”?

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I have about 12 break cards. I’ll look into it and report back later on. For science! Someone like @thecharizardauthority probably has a ton he could check I would imagine. It will be interesting to see whether it is near 50/50 or the different ones are very rare or not.

I wonder what way they would put these in PSA slabs?

I didn’t pull these, a friend did. I’m trying to acquire them.

This friend posted this in a small local facebook group and other people started mentioning that they already saw these being pulled. If someone pulls 2x the same Break from a box, the chance is pretty big they don’t have the same back.

I meant to get back to this a while ago, but now I have better data. I have (or have had, some have been sold) ~30 of these break cards in my possession that I was able to check. They were the result of 1 case opening (6 booster boxes) as well as another couple hundred packs from 3 pack blisters, tcg collection tins, mewtwo boxes, pikachu boxes etc.

EVERY SINGLE ONE of my 30+ was the variety of the left image. Where with the red part of the poke ball facing up, the Pokemon name would be on the left side. Any more data from anyone else on this? I’ll check back if I ever see the right hand variety, but haven’t yet through about 400-500 packs.

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Same with the Japanese?

Probably not, I don’t thing there have ever been backwards printed cards in the past.
In English it has happened before, like with the Shinx DP15 promo.

All I know is some errors in the past have become collectible. So maybe, im no expert though.

Not worth collecting imo. There are so many issues with the newer prints having misprints and miscuts it is basically a let down at this point and it seems like it just happens to frequently. I am not really into errors/misprints, but there is just something special about an ink-blob forming the shape of a heart for the “heart” clefairy error card. You don’t really get nice effect with any non-WOTC error/misprints… unless of course it was the only card with that error, then it may be a little more appealing haha

It’d be interesting to be able to see an uncut sheet of these cards or something to figure out how this error came to be. The existence of the… inverted one seems to imply that entire sheets must’ve been printed / fed into the printer upside down; that would be the simplest explanation. But then @poketrade added that it is more likely that the backs would be different if you pulled the same BREAK card twice in the same box… which may mean that there is something more complex going on? Either way, I don’t think there’s a scenario in which these would be exceedingly rare.

I have missed this error this whole time haha.

21 out of the 290 I have are with the upside-down back(assuming the one on the right).

3 - Chesnaught
5 - Raichu
2 - Marowak
6 - Zoroark
4 - Florges
1 - Noivern

I do not think they came from booster boxes based on where in my backstock they were found, but I could be wrong.


In English, I have 15 Break cards from Breakthrough. I have one Florges and one Chesnaught that have upside down backs. The other 13 are normal.

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I would say overall this means they aren’t too rare.

“I do not think they came from booster boxes based on where in my backstock they were found”

Interesting to note this. My initial post about my 30+ break cards all being the “regular” variety, all definitely came from booster boxes. Since I have started opening packs from blisters, collection boxes, etc. I now do have some of the upside down ones as well. The proportion you stated sounds about right (smaller sample). Strange.

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Anyone have any idea on how many printing facilities they have? Maybe they print the booster boxes at one facility, and then the packs for other collections/ETB’s or whatever at a different facility? This could have simply been a small error at one facility that lead to this. Perhaps even down to one specific packaging type.

I know they must have different facilities printing or something, because as someone on this board noted before, there are variations in the labels on booster cases, and I know personally there are variations in some of the code card fonts as well.

Would I say they are worth a ton more than the correct versions, no. Do I want a set of them now? Yes. Hey Rusty, how much for the four that I’m missing that are inverted? lol

I’ve opened up around 200 packs at retail. Of those I’ve pulled 15 Breaks. With 2 being Inverted. So I would say that (maybe) 5-10% are Inverted?

I just bought 479 breaks off of Troll and Toad. Only 6 had upside-down backsides.

2x Raichu
2x Marowak
2x Noivern

I was expecting much higher numbers haha. It looks like Pokemon may have cleaned these up.

I am glad Marowak and Noivern were 2 that popped up. Those were the ones I needed to offer a set of 6 to collectors, so I got lucky there.


Just a quick note:

I bought a German Raichu BREAK and it was the “upside down print”. Thought that was interesting that it might be alternating in other languages too.