Brand New to UPCCC

What’s up guys! :blush:

Name’s Swolepoke *cough cough* Get it like Slowpoke… Ha or you can call me Jeremy

Anyways, always wanted to join this community and never sat down and took the time to just make account, But I finally did!!

I got back into and serious about pokemon about a year ago, Love anything and everything Japanese wise.

Hope to get to know everyone here and make some cool frinds.

Also on instagram for any of you Insta users, I’m @pokemongymfreak



Welcome man!

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Great to finally see you here.

Welcome mate!

Hi Jeremy, that’s an impressive collection you have there!

Welcome Jeremy! There are a lot of fellow japanese collectors here. Good luck on your journey!


Hi Jeremy:)

Welcome to the community, and greetings from Japan!

hi Jeremy! i’ll add you on insta when i jump on next!

Thanks Everyone :blush:

Welcome to UPCCC. The website for collectors.