Bought a "PSA 10" Shining zard and look what I received -__-

im glad ebay protects the buyer extremely well.

… *shakes head* Geez, what was the advertised picture?

I should have looked at google images before I bought because it was the first “PSA shining Charizard” that comes up lol

Please post this seller in our blacklist thread. (I definitely want to know) Thanks. :heart_eyes:

ok. will do. :heart_eyes: lol

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PSA10 my shining a**. This seller should be smacked. :blush:


Nope. New York

What a joke!I would be heavy raging,you seem to be quite calm and collected seeing the situation.Hope he gets black listed from ebay,doubt it though.

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Maybe the seller will get a $5 coupon **sigh**