Bluey Wants Panda Items!

Hey guys!

I’m looking for a few ‘panda’ Pokemon related items. I’m only looking for one card since it is the only one printed at this time, but I am also looking for some merchandise items.

Starred items are ones that I am ready to purchase right now. If you have any of the unstarred items, please still let me know and I’ll see where my funds are. :blush:

  • Pancham
    — MINT XY Promo 015/XY-P (no graded cards please) ***
    — Cell Phone Charm
    — SEALED Tomy Figure
    — SEALED Pancham/Pangoro Pokemon Center Charms
    — SEALED Pokemon Center Pin/Badge
    — Pokemon Center PokeDoll Plush (this is the squished/chibi looking plush) ***

  • Pangoro
    — SEALED Tomy Figure

I know that I can get all of these items off of eBay, but I would rather do business with you lovely people first. :blush:

Pancham Pokedoll

I trust that site to the ends of the planet.
It is run by the head mod of pkmncollectors.
She goes to the Pokemon Center in Tokyo to purchase them.

Looks like she also has the candy figure and TOMY figure.

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THANK YOU! I am really nervous about purchasing plush through eBay, so this is great. :blush:

Haha. No problem! If you have further questions pm me :heart_eyes: PS let me know when you send payment