Blastoise tin with venusaur ex card

Hi all may be a really silly question and they may all be random like this
But I brought this for my son off eBay and I just realised when I received it that it has a venusaur ex card and it looks to be a blastoise tin is this fake or is it an error. If it is an error is this a common one just I can’t find anything about this online.

Thanks in advance for any help

It appears to be an unintentional error. I can’t speak to how common it is. I wouldn’t expect there to be any premium price associated with it if that’s what you’re thinking.

I have had a few of these errors, most recently a few of the pikachu generations boxes with venusaur cards

“How do we get rid of all these extra Venusaur EX cards we accidentally printed?”

“Create error tins!”