Black Label Bubble? 🫧

Looks like I was right

I had to use all my years of knowledge and market understanding to create my hypothesis


Your scientific genius is greatly appreciated :saluting_face:

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Most people would charge for this level of market analysis. Only on e4 can you expect this for free


This thread in a nutshell


2021 Evolving Skies Sylveon V alt art (English) BGS 10 Black Label sold on PWCC for $9,300. After buyers premium it was around $11.2k. I thought that was pretty insane. Not sure if its a bubble or not but black label prices continue to surprise me. Especially in modern cards.

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yea prolly ridiculous, have fun with the auction!

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What do you think about the chances of a new slab CGC 10 pristine turn into a black label (cracking the slab)?


Anything into a black label is always just a gamble with lower odds. Cracking a black label and sending it back in is unlikely to get a black label again. If the card is ultra clean and the centering is perfect, all you can do is try.


Why do BL even exist? If a grader determines a card is a BL but a week later you crack and resubmit it. The same grader grades it again and it doesn’t pull the BL this time but the card is undamaged, so how did they determine the BL from the beginning?

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That’s the problem a lot of people have here with BL in general lol What one grader subjectively sees as flawless may not be the same for another grader or even the same grader. It’s an impossible standard


Absolutely! Does BGS even use an instrument to gauge centering or is it eye balled? I wish PSA had implemented a pristine 10 years ago.

From my experience its so random I wouldnt risk it if you paid a lot for it. If you send it in dont do cross grading, I have experienced some bias when experimenting with this. BGS can be fickle. Just like any other grading company. With that being said goodluck! I hope you do get the black label.

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Hey, would you buy a BL Umbreon vmax from evolving skies at a €4800 ($5200) price ? I have an opportunity but the card was worth around 3500 for so long…


Kidding right?

Buy a PSA 10 and color the label part of the slab in a sharpie

No. Just buy a PSA 10 for 20% of the cost.

Sir… This is a Thread about the Black Label Bubble…

I don’t think you understand the underlining implied opinion about Black Labels discussed here…


If you have that level of money to blow and you want it, then go for it.

If you’re stretching yourself financially to do it, absolutely no

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It’s actually very interesting to me that PSA 10’s have seen a rocket in valuation from $600ish to over $1600. A near 300% increase.

Where black labels are still hovering where they were close to 6 months ago. Near no or little increase in value…

I would have expected with such dramatic increase in PSA 10 values, that the corresponding BL’s see a bit of increase