Black and what's future

As I hoard more and more from black and white era sets this thought crossed my mind today. With black and white being still expanded legal, what would happen to values of sealed product once/if it is rotated in to legacy or some new format? Is expanded even popular enough to hold the market up as a whole and not just for cards like ace specs?

In my opinion nothing major would come of this besides cards like computer search dipping in value, but I don’t see this effecting sealed product at all given it’s age and general positive vibes from the black and white era.

Interested in your thoughts!

I messed up the title…tapatalk is cucking me and not saving my edit, my apologies.

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The black and white era has the very best full art cards imo, followed by cool shiny secret rares. Definitely a good era to invest in, though a couple sets are a let down the majority are not.


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