Biggest fear when collecting.

Is that I don’t know all the cards by heart, especially with the older sets. (Im just starting out)
What if I pass up a secret rare or reprint and just toss it in with my mass of cards in my box?
What If I have a secret rare or reprint and I don’t know about it? I am just afraid I’ll misidentify a card!

I mean, sure the card wouldn’t go anywhere but I hardly ever look at my common/uncommon cards.

It’s just my biggest fear.

What’s yours?

Don’t really have any fears…

Except someone trying to steal my babies .___.

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That is a legitimate fear! But the good news is that the longer you spend casually interacting with the information, the less likely your fear is to become reality!

As for me, I think that my biggest fear in collecting is that I’ll decide to collect something after the prime economic opportunity for obtaining the items therein. This can’t be avoided entirely. For example, I know that I’ve already missed the best time to buy into the LEGENDS cards. But I will still probably seek them out. Moreso I’m concerned that something will be worth many, many, many times its value in ten years and I’ll buy them at great personal pain knowing I passed opportunities for the PSA 10 copies in the past.

House fire, definitely. I’m a candle and card enthusiast. It’s a heart attack waiting to happen.


I highly recommend investing in a fire/water proof safe! It calms my nerves significantly.

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I have one actually! Unfortunately I’m also a show off. I like having my boxes/PSA cards displayed around my room, so the safe is never as full as it should be :confused:


I keep auction items and true rarities in air cooled storage lockers with floor safes but I still have lots of cheaper items that I’d hate to lose. Like most of you know, my guns help some;)


I don’t like this either. Recently on ebay there was a sale on one of my most wanted cards. I put it on watch because I didn’t have the money. They sold all 14 in one day! :slightly_frowning_face:

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Do you have one you’d recommend?

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I really don’t, actually. I find that any commercial safe works fine. Just make sure it is fire/water PROOF and not RESISTANT. That is the only suggestion I offer. Other than that, get one that is for your projected storage, not your existing needs. And also make sure you utilize an appropriately sized silica bead dehumidifier with indicating beads. They are cheap and do their job wonderfully.

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Probably theft!
Not that I have the most valuable collection yet but the thought always keep bugging me as the collection grows!
I also had some of my cards stolen when I brought them with me to school as a kid, I think that memory still haunts me :stuck_out_tongue:

As I don’t deal in overly rare items, I don’t usually worry about not having funds to pick things up. Seeing as my collection is 85% graded cards, I don’t worry too much about theft. I always think of it this way: if someone wants to steal my collection, they have to:

  1. Know where it is/what to look for
  2. Get through a large number of locked doors
  3. Know what it is
  4. Know how to sell it
  5. Sell it on markets other than eBay, which I’d be watching like a hawk, and to collectors that I don’t know, because I’d be making a ton of noise
  6. Stay alive throughout the whole process (I’d borrow a gun or eight from Gary)

Generally, it would be difficult to steal a collection imo, especially a graded collection. I suppose my biggest fear is something like a PSA submission/return being lost in the mail. Considering how much time, effort, and pure monetary value I put into one package (always insured beyond the value, but still) I would be devastated if it got lost.


My biggest fear is that Gary won’t sell me 1st edition PSA 10 Shadowless Base set holo’s in the future, like he didn’t last time and I bought a charizard 1st edition shadowless that had a scratched up slab! I stressed for 2 months sending it back all the way from australia for Reholder through someone else, but it was in good hands. There will be Blood Gary… There will be blood.

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haha Gary… his such a card! ;p

Hmm, my biggest fear is value as a consignment, and auctions falling drastically below market value. Too much has been invested, and I know I shouldn’t think about the money side of things, but I really would hate not getting a premium for my entire collection and what I’ve worked so hard on.

Also flooding, actually almost occurred in my new apartments basement. A truck hit a water pipe because its load was too high in my parking lot, it flooded about half a foot two parking levels, which the storage rooms are all linked to. I.E boxes would of been saturated. Thankfully, it didn’t get into my storage room. :blush:

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I ment Gary the seller who sells all the awesome stuff on ebay.

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That’s a very valid concern. Nobody would like to see their collections tank in value. In fact, nobody wants to see any investment go down. I purchased a bunch of Liberty silver dollars when silver was 30.00usd oz. Now it’s 17.00:( I still love my silver dollars but the price drop has taken some of the fun out of them.

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Thanks brother:)


You sell me 1st edition thin stamp cheerriizeerd once I sell my thick stamp one. :grin:

Def fire. I plan on getting a safe but nearly all my stuff is in binders and going through picking out all the ultras and toploading them to store would be a task.

Robbery and fire. That’s my fears