Best way to sell commons, uncommons & rare's?

I’ve about 50.000 commons, uncommons & rare’s, from the first till the last set for trade/sale. I’ve had some ideas but before I sort them out in this way (they are already in stacks numbered by set and number), I’d like to know what you think will sell the best.

  • Selling complete common/uncommon/rare sets
  • Selling random lots with x commons, x uncommon, x rare’s
  • Selling them all appart
  • Making a complete tcg pokédex and sell that
  • Wholesale

    Or do you have another idea?

I don’t need max profit, I’m happy if I can sell commons for 0.05 and uncommon for 0.10 already.

I think complete sets is the best bet, I have a similar problem. Trying to get rid of hundreds of reverse holos and rares.

Bundle lots and bulking it seem to be the two best options. That said, if you’re bulking them, you won’t receive any premium for uncommons over commons. Bundle lots tend to make little or no distinction between the two as well.

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