Best set of all time

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@pfm make this a thread please

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For the record I like the 6x 2003 eseries sets (throw expedition in there) best but I do still think base wins in every category except art style

You should make the thread. Be the change that you wish to see.


When I made this thread and said the word best I meant it as YOUR opinion on what you deem as best because you have an inherent attachment/love for it, rather than statistics that qualified it as a “best selling”

However that’s the beauty of this. There is no right or wrong answer!


I love Base to bits…

But, if we’re looking at the widest appeal, other than our nostalgia, what exactly makes Base Set better than every other set?

If a new collector didn’t have any prior connection to Base, and just wanted an isolated set of cards that could be admired as a whole or individually from over the last 28 years - why would they choose Base?

I’m just curious as to what the reasoning is behind people choosing Base Set over other sets?

Not saying anyone’s wrong; I answered Skyridge, but Fossil is my personal favourite set…I just know Fossil isn’t the best because it’s my favourite.

Everyone arguing about Base Set when Team Rocket is clearly the best set anyway :rocket:


Fixed it for you


Much better.


Help! My good name is being slandered. WOTC is superior. We all know it :wink:


Once I read the OP I initially thought that VS and Neo Revelation were my top contenders. The more I thought about it I’ve actually always been most drawn to Gym. Specifically Gym 2 (Challenge from the Darkness).

I started collecting during Base, my first card was a Bulbasaur and my first holo pulled was a Raichu. Although, I’ve never had this affinity other collectors have towards it. Going forward I had packs and decks from all Jungle, Fossil and Team Rocket. By the time Gym was out, I knew I was hooked in too deep. Being slightly older and that I had been collecting for that whole year I understood what it felt like to be a collector.

Gym was a fresh take from the norm having the Gym leaders Pokemon. I thought this was really special as I was watching the anime every Saturday morning on SM:TV Live and having an actual Gym Leaders Pokemon on a card that related to the anime was incredible.

Gym 2 having the most powerful and cool Pokemon too like Charizard; Venusaur; Arcanine; Moltres; Zapdos; Alakazam; Gengar; Mewtwo; Gyarados. (Shame Blastoise and Articuno never made the cut) what an incredible line up though in holos.

When I started to buy Japanese cards I remember when I found out about two cards that were exclusive to the Japanese set. These are of course Imakuni?'s Doduo & _____'s Chansey. This to me was new territory. A white rare and a white uncommon card?! So I bought a bunch as you do. One of my favourite sets just got even more unique.

1 minor issue I have with the Japanese set are the leaders themselves. Giovanni is a holo pulled from packs. Blaine and Sabrina are holo from their respective theme decks. Koga is however, long lost and forgotten about. RIP holo Koga.

Also fun fact, the holos from the theme decks have no rarity symbols.

I think something that often gets overlooked is a sets identity. To me this is quite an important aspect and having a cohesive set really makes it all that more meaningful. Gym encapsulates this perfectly having even the non holos in the set all part of the Gym Leaders team. If you played the games or watched the anime you can really get on board with each card and a sense of the team and an understanding of each card and the Pokemon themselves.

Gym resonates with me and I hope this might make other collectors realise it does with them too.


the most OP set to date



Me thinks the doge doth protest too much! There’s no saving yourself from the cabal once you’ve pledged allegiance to Emerging Powers :wink:


Those are great individual cards. But you can take each one of those and shove them into any other random modern set and no one would question it. There is absolutely nothing unifying those cards


that’s what the set number and designation is for silly

i’m editing this to be more serious on this point.

while yes technically, they do often include URs of cards from previous sets (typically these days - items, stadiums, etc), the whole point of these EoY sets is to take the best of the year and combine them into one set while also adding special variations for many as a sort of celebration and nod towards collectors. They’re loaded by design and are often well received (not looking at the -fates sets).

as someone who follows the game, i find it exciting to have all of the most relevant cards from the year together in one set.

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“What’s your favourite type of animal?”

“the zoo”


Not that I disagree with you but that logic would also make base set a weak set.

base is a bad set tbf. the only thing that ties it together is that it includes pokemon

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And yet there are several comments saying 1st ed base is the best set of all time. BTW im more so disagreeing with pfm. I do think set cohesion makes a set better than a set without set cohesion which is why I picked skyridge as the best set, however a set not having set cohesion doesn’t immediately make it a bad set. Very few people would call 1st ed base a bad set just because it lacks set cohesion.

For the record I never made a claim that base set was #1. But the claim that base set is not cohesive is pretty absurd. Cohesion is more than just the pokemon chosen to be on the card. There are three illustrators in base set (+1 Imakuni on Porygon but it looks like Kinebuchi anyway). It’s identity is centered around the three starter Pokemon. The card layout unifies the set. The fact that there’s shadowless/unlimited adds another dimension even if it’s unintentional.

To some degree it’s a bit interchangeable with Jungle and Fossil but that’s a feature not a bug because all three sets make up the introduction of the first 150+1