Best current vault option?

$4k is a lot of money to most collectors. And insurance on a $4k card will be extremely cheap.

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If $4k is going to put you in financial ruin then you shouldn’t own (or be able to own) a $4k card in the first place.

What’s cheaper than insurance on a $4k card? No insurance. For an insurance company to exist, you are necessarily paying more than the expected replacement cost given the probability something bad happens. And as sad as it would be to lose the card, you can also continue to live your life without it.

This isn’t a house that you need to live in or a car that can cause millions in damages to other people.


That’s true. I could get another one in the off chance something ever happened. It’s expensive but not financial ruining expensive

Self-insurance is better if it’s an option

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This is true. I’ll just put some money aside for a back one. I only brought this up because I saw other use the service for security and I’m like “Am I doing enough?” lol

I’m not here to argue, just to say that insurance is not an awful option for people to have peace of mind. Charizard1020 has previously expressed anxiety and worry about cards getting lost in the mail, whether to buy insurance, how to store collectibles safely, etc., which is why I mentioned it.

Would I do it for a $4k card? No. But I don’t know his predicament or preference.

Just a reminder, $4k insurance through CIS would be cheaper than a lot of everyday subscriptions. We’re probably talking in the range of $20-$40 per month. It would take 10+ years of that insurance level to pay off the full value of the card.

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$20-40 a month is wildly expensive. I was thinking it would be like $3 monthly. It’s also an indefinite charge. I know you don’t need compound interest explained but it’s a good reference point for the opportunity cost here.

Where you see anxiety and worry as a problem that can be solved, I see the anxiety as the problem itself. Of course it’s psychologically heavy to own your first expensive card. But nearly every experienced collector I know adjusts to that over time and the weight is lifted. That’s the healthier long-term option compared to throwing money at an emotional pacifier.

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Did you also have anxiety when you got your first expensive card?

Also @pfm hitting the nail on the head with emotional pacifier. Man you get me lol

Yes but it manifested in different ways. Like questioning whether I got the right grade or whether or not I could finish a set before everything got too expensive

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How interesting. Seeing someone who has been collecting as long as you have experience the similar stuff has really helped. Thank you

It’s also manifests as if something happened to the card in the future what if a 9 is too expensive and out of reach. During Covid it got up to as high at 10-20k. But I agree it’s just anxiety from my first expensive card

That was just a guesstimate. It might be cheaper. Insurance isn’t something that you have to keep in perpetuity. If at some point the anxiety lessens as experience increases or you decide to self-insure, then you can cancel the premium.

I agree that solving the underlying anxiety is necessary, but some people may need that extra layer of security depending on their living situation, finances, etc. Theft is uncommon, but it does occur. Packages are lost on occasion. Accidents happen at home. You and I know all of these things.

It’s just an option that can always be reversed if it provides no tangible benefit. :person_shrugging:

Would it be my choice for a $4k card? No, like I said above. But for some people, it might help them gain confidence while they navigate a higher collection value. Anyway, I’ll leave it at this because it’s obviously a personal choice that each person has to make given their unique situation. :slight_smile:

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I think @Dyl had a typo there. $4k insurance is about $42 per YEAR.