Hi, I’ve collected a few over the years but never really seriously. I was wondering if anyone could offer me any advice on how to start a better collection?

Hmm English and Japanese and I’m not sure what I’d be more interested in collecting really… Promo cards sounds good.

Right ok, are there any sites/sources in particular you’d suggest buying from?

The Wizard Promos seem a good place to start, what with me obsession with Harry Potter AND Pokemon haha

Moved to a more appropriate place. Hopefully more people will be able to give you suggestions here. The Buy/Sell/Trade thread is for a specific card or product rather than for generic advice

I think the Wizard promos are a good place to start. Some are cheap, but some (surprisingly in my view) are not - at least the last time I checked.

For that reason, as there is a ‘curve’, it would be a good start to a collection

Yeah that’s what I thought, I didn’t want to go too exclusive with my first collection but at the same time wanted one with at least a little challenge.

Also, sorry for posting in the wrong thread!

Don’t worry about it. I’m a little anal so I’ll move things around if needs be. :grin:

Remember that there are also the ‘Best’ series as well as the normal Black Star promos. Are you looking at both? There are 9 Best of Game cards (and they also come in a ‘Winner’ stamp variant too)…

See for more info.

One thing you’ll find is that the more your go deeper into collecting, the more complicated it gets in terms of what cards are out there and the sheer number of releases/ But thats what makes it fun I suppose!

Yeah, thanks for the info!

I will be looking for both but for now I suppose I will focus on the Black Star as I assume they will be easier to get, like I said though I want a bit of a challenge so the Best series will be welcome, too.

Cool. Let us know how you get on :blush:

I’ll keep this open in case someone has a brain wave and can suggest something completely different that might convince you to go down a different route, but if you’re collecting English cards I can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t get the Wizards Black Stars.

(Finally I have to ask - Elspeth - M:TG Planeswalker?)

Afraid not, Queen Elspeth is the name of the evil queen in the original Snow White. I was a bit in love with her when I was a kid.
Dogma - the movie with Jay & Silent Bob?

Hahaha, no - because I’m quite loud and forceful (and can argue till the cows come home and then some), my friends and ex used to say my word is dogma. It kinda stuck

Yeah people call me Queenie now because of my Snow White obsession haha

Sorry to disappoint!