Beckett Magazine

Guys! This is really exciting for my crew but Masquerade Comics is *crosses fingers* going to be doing the front image of Beckett Magazine that releases June 22! Silverishness on here is actually doing the art…I just go the chance XD

Finally a break after what seems like a dead end after end on deviantart. The guy of Beckett who I’m working with said we could have a page or something in the magazine explaining our group or…something. :grin: EXCITED!

Yeah, that’s where I’ve been… I’ve missed you guys :slightly_frowning_face: I’m still job hunting so I can buy more goods.

Wow that is too cool congrats!

That is pretty amazing well done! :blush:
Congrats to you and good luck.

Congrats, that’s amazing! :grin:

@evilmind2 – Congratulations! We’ve missed you, too :heart:

Update: One week before we can show the cover art :grin: Isn’t that exciting! I just got the timeline today of when it can be shown off.