Beckett Magazine Cover Finished!

So it’s FINALLY been approved for me to show! I have to show the cover of course but soon on and on the original image as well as the cover image will be available :grin:

Of course the user who did this is my best friend Silverishess on UPCCC :grin: so give her a good job and what not :3 We hope to get more work from them in the future.

Wow, very impressive! (of course!)
So do you mean you both designed this entire cover?

Well done, and massive congratulations to yourself and Silverishess. You deserve it!

Congratulations it looks amazing!!!

I’m kind of the agent. I figure out everything that needs to get done and then go "HEY (member’s name) this is your assignment) … HAHAHA.

Sil worked her butt off! :blush: The original picture will be up in a few minutes on the sites I mentioned

;u; Thank you guys! It’s been really exciting; they might even come back to us~!

@silverishness, evilmind2 – Congratulations! It is a masterpiece :heart::heart: