Base Set Print Run


Okay so I recently found out about all the *known* different Base Set Print Runs, and read that runs 2 through 7 were practically identical. These runs feature a shadow and only the year 1999. However, I have noticed a difference in multiple cards from these runs. I have found that there is a run with cards that are overall lighter than the rest of the set. I know they are not 1st edition, shadowless, or print run 8 with the year 2000 on them. So, I was wondering if this indeed is a special print run with all lighter cards or I just have weird cards.


I do not have a lot of knowledge about the different sets, but I do know that one card can look way different depending on if I photograph it, scan it, light settings, etc.
So it could be either different runs, or just differences in light, saturation, contrast, angle or whatever.