Base Set 1st edition booster box auction!!!

A box just went up on auction for only 3 days! Is it real?! Go check it out!

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For the lazy…


Very interesting.

Not enough pictures and we don’t know that seller, but they seem legit. I guess whoever buys this will have to fly over to Houston and inspect the box in person similar to what happened with the last box.

I say this doesn’t go as high as the last one.

I just messaged asking for a timestamp and more photos ! So we shall see if it’s legit :blush:

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Looks fishy…


It’s no longer available?

Yeh reckon seller got heaps off messages and got scared for being a scammer

The pictures look like two different boxes


I mean, one of the photos in the listing is literally the first Google Image search result, just rotated, lmfao…

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Umm… clearly not the same photo. Do you see the words “mexyman” in that photo? No? Didn’t think so!




I agree. Seller has similar sales history as the other guys who used to sell repacked boxes. This seems very odd and gives the scam vibe hard.

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It just ended which makes me think it was reported or something.

EDIT: makes me think someone needed to scam some money in order to be able to shop around during Black Friday.

This just got more interesting… :blush:


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The seller was probably fishing for an offsite offer and probably got one, or two.

Maybe that’s his own listing.

Pretty sure this is Charlie’s marriage weekend, so I don’t think he’s gonna be around much, if at all haha.

I didn’t realize that… Haha. I’ll have to send my congrats then :blush: