Ball busting over SHIPPING

Why does it seem lately (I’m not looking at you basilikus or pokemontrader) that the new sellers I’m dealing with are so upset when it comes to shipping. I don’t understand when you ask to negotiate that they want to throw bills in your face as if you don’t have bills as well.

Why is it that shipping is the make or break of a sell lately and not the actual cards themselves? I could understand if there was a lot of weight, serious packaging, out of country polities, and tracking to factor- but when when there isn’t. How about, when you deal with sellers in the same areas you deal with other sellers who don’t try to make a profit simply from shipping?

Sorry, I was a bit peeved off when I read that, it seemed rather self righteous to assume that I’m not in a bad spot either. Most of you who I buy from know I usually make payments because I can NEVER pay all at once. (well silverishness and myself).

Whew, vent is out.

I usually include shipping for free…
Since EVERYone in the trade has to pay for it…
and if someone is buying, I usually ship without extra payments.