Axolotls of efour

Show off your little guys! Here’s mine, he’s a golden albino baby, just picked him up last week. Name is undecided for now


Name him Mudkip :blush:

Very cool animal, btw. Congrats!


Definitely thinking about it

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When I think about evolution, I think of these guys - so fascinating. The two aquariums I wanna set up at some point when I’m settled down are one saltwater and one axolotl tank. :blush:

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Awww, you’re making me miss mine! Her name was Dovarku after the Irish Mythological “Dobhar-chu”.

I’ll have to look for old pictures and share later. Had her for almost ten years before she sadly passed away.

These guys are great. I found using blood worms for regular feedings were best at that size before eventually using chopped up earthworms/pellets until finally full earthworms w/ pellets.

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@funmonkey54 I’ve found the perfect thread for you!


I love axolotls so much, they’re so derpy and precious


Name him Charizard!

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I didn’t know I wanted one of these.

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But the thing that makes axolotls special is that they do not evolve, they stay in their larval stage for their entire life. This is unique in the world of amphibians, only axolotls do this.

My Axolotl was named Wooper


Right in Pokemon terms they don’t naturally evolve, at least if you don’t give them hormones which still can induce Metamorphosis. Like an evolution stone of sorts :grin: But in terms of biological evolution & animals living “between” land and water even as adults way back when, these guys with outside-gills and their little arms show what’s possible :heart_eyes:

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FTFY. :blush: Your video wasn’t showing up. And both Mudkip and Wooper are great names for Axolotl.


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Thank you Quuador :blush:

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That’s actually one of the names I was thinking of :laughing:

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Oh shit, I forgot about Wooper lol. Wooper actually looks like full-on Axolotl. Mudkip is more like a fish-frog.

Shiny Wooper looks like the Leucistic type Axolotl

For sure, I plan on getting a leucistic as well, so I’ll probably name that one wooper.

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Don’t know where all of my pictures are but was able to come across a few when Dovarku was still a juvenile (and prior to rehousing the tetras):

This was my favorite picture of her. You can see her little blep of a face underneath the leaf.