August 3rd - August 10th - Raichu - WEB

Card of the week - August 3rd - August 10th, 2015Raichu - WEB

I see quite a bit of division amongst collectors every now and then, like the Legendary Collection Reverse Holo there seems to be a lot of differing opinions on whether the E-Series borders are good or bad. Personally I love them, and I thought I’d choose something from the WEB series (which I haven’t done before). I love the simplicity of the Raichu artwork from Base Set and I love the E-Series border around this one.

What are your thoughts on the E-Series card borders and/or the WEB series in general?


Nice card, but big yellow borders just aren’t for me. I can understand why people like them though =)

This set is rather under-appreciated, at least I feel there’s no demand atm. by collectors.

Legendary birds look really nice as holos ( compared to english non-holo Black Star promos ). :blush:

For me personally, reprint sets are a tough buy for me unless they offer something truly special. The only reprint set that I’ve purchased is the Reverse Holo Legendary Collection because I feel that it’s unique enough to justify the price I paid for it.

The Web series on the other hand doesn’t really seem to have much to offer for me personally. I am indifferent about the giant borders of the E-series so that in and of itself is not a selling point. Not that I have anything against the borders; I have my complete VS set as one of my favorite pieces in my collection to prove it. In terms of actual unique artwork, I believe I have everything the set has to offer other than the reprint of the University Magikarp. Other than that, the only thing I find remotely appealing are the holofoil versions of the legendary birds that we got as Black Star Promos in English. Taking all that into account, the asking price for this small 48 card set on Ebay right now just seems kind of silly; my money would be better spent elsewhere.

To each their own though; there was actually a recent post on /r/pkmntcgcollections where someone was showing off two complete Web sets:

Ah and as a final note about the Raichu in particular, the Base Set art is 10/10; I love my Ken Sugimori renditions of everything.

I love the e series borders and base set arts so this one is a win win situation in my opinion. I prefer the holo e series borders alot more than non holo ones though.

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I’m all about those borders.

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The main thing that draws me to Web is they picked some obscure stuff that wasn’t released overseas to reprint. Having ONLY reprints of Gengar/Machamp from the Masaki group and ONLY physical prints of Tangela/Electrode from TCG GB feel like such missed opportunities. They should totally revive the idea of reprinting old/unproduced cards like that.


love the borders.
Love the raichu.

As a kid, I stopped collecting a few packs into Expedition because I didn’t like the switch in style to the e-series borders… Or the artwork on most of the cards.

Love the raichu art but that’s about all for me haha.
As a kid I never collected past the neo sets so the border just looks ridiculous to me

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Since I didn’t comment on Raichu itself, I also love that they picked a card that had only been holographic up until that point and stripped it of the holo treatment for Web so we could get a look at the background. Like that English test version of non-holo Machamp revealed that the background had illusion copies of Machamp, seeing Raichu’s background after all of these years is like peeking into an alternate universe or something.

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