At what set % do you switch to singles?

For those of you who track your progress when buying packs and ETB’s etc.

At what point of set completion do you switch to buying singles?

  • 20%-40%
  • 40%-60%
  • 60%-80%
  • 80%-90%
  • 90% and above (you filthy gambler )
  • I don’t track, I just buy singles after a big initial haul of opening a set
  • Singles all the way! :santa:t2:
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After I buy like 15-20 packs of modern I’m just like okay let me but the singles I want because I start to get frustrated lol


To be honest what is holding me back is selling, that I really hate doing. Right now I don’t have the time and energy to unload all the doubles/bulk, or to grade what I may find (if valuable).

So after a couple of booster pack purely for fun, I just switch to singles.


99%-100% image


I wish trading was more accessible and widespread. As an adult collector, outside of cons and stuff, combined with the lack of brick and mortar local game stores, it just means either sitting with a lot of bulk or painstakingly selling it for next to nothing.


Practically, I probably get 20%-ish before I start buying singles, but I don’t intend to ever pull the cards. It never makes financial cents. :smirk:

Packs are for draft and fun. Singles are for binders.


Speaking of modern singles. What’s the best place to buy them? I use eBay but maybe there are alternatives?

Being a vintage collector and considering the costs of vintage packs…
All the way singles

With modern, since I’m not going to complete sets, still going singles for just what I like


I typically buy a booster box, ETB and maybe the 3 pack blister or check lane packs. After that i switch to singles

Modern era? You can open a case and barely have half of the unique (non common/uc) cards in the set. Honestly you’d probably only have 25% of the Rainbow/Gold/Alt Art level of cards.