Astral Radiance & Future Trainer Galleries' Speculation

There was a leaked photo (now deleted) on Reddit showcasing TG29 & TG30 featuring Ice Rider and Shadow Rider Calyrex Gold cards from VMAX Climax. Presumably they will be from Astral Radiance as opposed to another set further into the future. If so, that means another 30 card trainer gallery.
The Brilliant Stars gallery breakdown is 12 CHRs, 11 CSRs, 5 FA trainers and 2 gold cards.

There was also a clear theme of Eevees + Urshifus + new cards for the most part. Anything outside of those were from earlier sets mainly Battle Styles and earlier. If they followed the same ratio and theme here, what would that look like?

Going with a theme of Chilling Reign & Battle Region, but the only issue is that sets older than Battle Styles will be rotated out, so not sure if they should get priority or they just won’t come. There are quite a number of cards that are outstanding - especially CSRs. You would think that they would move to Evolving Skies after this, but then Pikachu needs to come in somewhere. Probably a set with Zacian/Zamazenta/Eternatus would make a good closer but then they’ll all be rotated if it came with the year’s final set.

01 Roserade CHR w/Gardenia (Battle Region)
02 Abomasnow CHR w/Pryce (Chilling Reign)
03 Chandelure CHR w/Shauntal (BR)
04 Gardevoir CHR w/Doctor (CR)
05 Banette CHR w/Phoebe (CR)
06 Wyrdeer CHR w/Mai (BR)
07 Malamar CHR w/Xerosic (CR)
08 Rockruff CHR w/Prof. Kukui (CR)
09 Passimian CHR w/Blackbelt (CR)
10 Kleavor CHR w/Lian (BR)
11 Mightyena CHR w/Sidney (BR)
12 Hoothoot CHR w/Sage (BR)— (not enough space for Castform CHR)
13 Starmie V CSR w/Misty (BR)
14 Ice Rider Calyrex V CSR w/Peony (CR)
15 Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX CSR w/Peony (CR)
16 Shadow Rider Calyrex V CSR w/Victor (CR)
17 Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX CSR w/Victor (CR)
18 Garchomp V CSR w/Cynthia (BR)
29 Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX GOLD
30 Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX GOLD
**Breakdown by Set (Oldest to Newest)**Sword & ShieldFrosmoth CHR w/MelonyObstagoon CHR w/PiersOranguru CHR w/Sina (Brilliant Stars)Zacian V CSR w/HopZamazenta V CSR w/Hop
Rebel ClashFlapple CHR w/MiloBoltund V CSR w/Sonia (Brilliant Stars)Milo FA
Darkness AblazeAriados CHR w/Janine (Brilliant Stars)Centiskorch V CSR w/KabuCentiskorch VMAX CSR w/KabuCrobat V CSR w/SilverEternatus V CSR w/RoseEternatus VMAX CSR w/RoseKabu FA
Piers FA

Vivid VoltageCharizard CHR w/LeonFlareon CHR w/Blue (Brilliant Stars)Vaporeon CHR w/Blue (Brilliant Stars)Jolteon CHR w/Blue (Brilliant Stars)Zekrom CHR w/N (Brilliant Stars)Dusknoir CHR w/Morty (Brilliant Stars)Orbeetle V CSR w/BugsyOrbeetle VMAX CSR w/BugsyPikachu V CSR w/RedPikachu VMAX CSR w/RedAllister FABea FAOpal FANessa FAPikachu VMAX GOLD

Battle StylesKingdra CHR w/ClairOctillery CHR w/Fisherwoman (Brilliant Stars)Falinks CHR w/BeaHoundoom CHR w/Grimsley (Brilliant Stars)Brozong CHR w/JasmineKricketune V CSR w/Bug CatcherMimikyu V CSR w/Acerola (Brilliant Stars)Single Strike Urshifu V CSR w/Gloria (Brilliant Stars)
Single Strike Urshifu VMAX CSR w/Gloria (Brilliant Stars)
Rapid Strike Urshifu V CSR w/Mustard (Brilliant Stars)
Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX CSR w/Mustard (Brilliant Stars)Corviknight V CSR w/CabbieCorviknight VMAX CSR w/CabbieSordward & Shielbert FA
Single Strike Mustard FA (Brilliant Stars)Rapid Strike Mustard FA (Brilliant Stars)Single Strike Urshifu VMAX GOLD (Brilliant Stars)Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX GOLD (Brilliant Stars)
Chilling ReignAbomasnow CHR w/PryceGardevoir CHR w/Doctor
Banette CHR w/Phoebe
Malamar CHR w/XerosicRockruff CHR w/Prof. KukuiPassimian CHR w/BlackbeltCastform CHR w/CherenBlaziken V CSR w/MayBlaziken VMAX CSR w/MayIce Rider Calyrex V CSR w/PeonyIce Rider Calyrex VMAX CSR w/PeonyZeraora V CSR w/SeleneGalarian Articuno V CSR w/VictorShadow Rider Calyrex V CSR w/VictorShadow Rider Calyrex VMAX CSR w/VictorGalarian Zapdos V CSR w/SoniaGalarian Moltres V CSR w/GloriaBlissey V CSR w/Pokemon Centre LadyMelony FAIce Rider Calyrex VMAX GOLD (Astral Radiance)
Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX GOLD (Astral Radiance)
Evolving SkiesFlaaffy CHR w/ElesaEevee CHR w/Bill (Brilliant Stars)Sylveon V CSR w/Valerie (Brilliant Stars)
Sylveon VMAX CSR w/Valerie (Brilliant Stars)
Umbreon V CSR w/Karen (Brilliant Stars)
Umbreon VMAX CSR w/Karen (Brilliant Stars)
Rayquaza VMAX CSR w/Zinnia
Duraludon VMAX CSR w/RaihanRaihan FAGordie FARayquaza VMAX GOLD
Duraludon VMAX GOLD
Fusion StrikeCook FAJudge FAAdventurer’s Discovery FAMew VMAX GOLD
VMAX ClimaxDedenne CHR w/Kali (Brilliant Stars)
Alcremie CHR w/Cafe Master (Brilliant Stars)
Druddigon CHR w/Ace Trainer BWMorpeko V Union CSR w/Marnie
Morpeko V Union CSR w/Marnie
Morpeko V Union CSR w/Marnie
Morpeko V Union CSR w/MarnieMimikyu VMAX CSR w/Acerola (Brilliant Stars)
Acerola’s Premonition FA (Brilliant Stars)
Galar Friends FA
Cafe Master FA (Brilliant Stars)
Gloria FA (Brilliant Stars)
Battle RegionRoserade CHR w/GardeniaChandelure CHR w/ShauntalWyrdeer CHR w/MaiKleavor CHR w/LianMightyena CHR w/SidneyHoothoot CHR w/SageStarmie V CSR w/MistyGarchomp V CSR w/Cynthia
Misc. Promos & Reprints
Professor Burnet FA
Professor’s Research (Juniper) FA (Premium Tournament Collection)
Boss’s Orders (Lysandre) FA

bro i’m ngl, pokemon has been so unpredictable with this TG subset. i would guess the calyrex V and Vmax CSRs since the gold cards were leaked. after that, no clue. probably mightyena, hoothoot, wydreer, and kleavor for CHRs from battle region. the fact that druddigon was in brilliant stars, but the CHR was not makes this all so confusing. you would think charizard CHR would have been in brilliant stars, but it wasn’t.

perhaps all of the three birds + the calyrexes will be in the TG of this set, but then again, i could see them putting the birds in their own box.

honestly no clue

Rotation doesn’t normally happen until August/September so there will be some time to use the “D” cards after Astral Radiance releases in May.

The Trainer Gallery should have all the Chilling Reign ones at least, including the Galarian V Birds and the Calyrexs.

Important question: Is Galar Friends ever coming to English?

I can wait but I need to know a definite answer! Thanks in advance.

Probably not as we didnt get the Alola friends one. If we were to get it, it’d probably be in whatever the last SWSH era set is, or in some sort of collection box.

Japan will definitely have a closer set akin to Tag Team All Stars. I am assuming VMAX Climax Part 2.

And I’m not sure if those cards will come. Will TPCi give us TGs in the Scarlet Violet sets from SWSH?

You would hope so but so many cards failed to make it over and it’s now been 3 years.

i actually wouldn’t be surprised if it was more like shining star v 2 unfortunately. either way, i agree that it’ll make things awkward if there is a holiday special set that we dont get around the same time because its gen 9 time in december in japan and march 2023 internationally

I guess, how much of a taboo is it that old generation cards are in new generation sets?
I would like to think none, especially with regulation marks and all, but TTAS is the precedent for it not making it over.