Art Academy Collection - Sam Chibicollectables

Hey everyone
Wanted to share my current Art Academy Collection with Artworks/documents :slight_smile: currently on the hunt for Number 9

Hopefully this looks all good! when I post @chibicollectables

We have Gabi Chespin

Meli Pikachu

Gosha Tangrowth

Rina Gourgeist

Y. Fujishima Raincoat Pikachu

Lily Chan Dress up Pikachu

Xime Dress up Pikachu

Scarlett Keckleon

Thanks for Looking :slight_smile:


WOW, amazing collection! I love seeing them paired with notes/sketches from the actual artists! Seriously cool.

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Yeah I am trying to find the winners and get the cards alongside an artwork to make it a little more personal :slight_smile:


Incredible collection! These are such special pieces of Pokemon history.


Wow amazing. I love that you got them directly from the artist too with the pics. Makes that hunt so cool.

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Amazing collection! It’s a lovely added touch to have some personalization with each artist to show off their artsyle even more :slight_smile: I recently added the Meli Chef Pika to my own collection and hope to add more in the future. Beautiful cards each with their own style and quirks.

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Major heat!

The Gosha drawing is so sick.

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This is awesome. The letters/messages with the cards makes it even cooler.


Yeah makes collecting them ever so slightly more difficult but well worth the extra let work :slight_smile:

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Some very talented artists!!

Amazing collection!

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Such an awesome showcase. Not only the cards are rare and one of a kind, the personalized notes are just cherry on top. Thanks for sharing this, it’s truly something special.


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insanely cool collection :sparkling_heart:

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The Rina sketch (and handwriting) is beautiful! Did you request Mew and Pikachu, or is it just coincidence that Scarlett also chose them?

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So me and my partner’s favourite Pokemon are Mew and Pikachu so we just requested them if it was possible! that’s how we make it more personal :slight_smile: