Areica's Collection

Hi everyone!~ I finally decided to make a thread for my own collection. I mainly collect English TCG with the exception of non-translated Shiny Pokemon or Pikachu cards. I thought it would be fun to share my current shiny collection since it has its own binder (which also includes my Crystal Golem).

Once I get around 8-10 more shinies, this binder will be full and I will upgrade to a toploader binder for my shiny cards. My highlights are my Latios and Latias Gold Star cards- Latios is (in my opinion) NM and I bought for my birthday last year for $50, but the package got lost and the seller refunded me the money. 10 whole months later, it was finally delivered to me, so I ended up getting Latios for free! As for Latias, I spent about $30 on her, but she’s not in as great condition so I may end up replacing her someday.

My first (and only) Gold Star pull was Celebi. I had it for years before I realized that it was a rare card, since I was really young at the time and it was pure luck that I still had that card since I had lost most of my collection. About half of the BW were pulls, the rest were bought from local card shops, Craigslist deals, or hunting for deals on Ebay.

That’s all for right now, I hope you guys enjoy it. :blush: I know my collection isn’t the most spectacular on here, but I am definitely proud of my shinies at least. XD

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It is still a beautiful collection!
As long as it makes you happy, you are golden.
You should never compare you collection to others, as it is a very difficult thing to compare.
How can you compare the nostalgia, the “coolness factor” or the overall awe-inspiring feelings given by a certain card/memory of getting a card? :wink:

I still enjoy this collection of yours! I believe I sold you that Golem a long time ago -chuckles-

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Hah, I guess you have a point. :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you!

Yes, in fact you did! :blush:

No worries @areica

For the longest time here, I felt like my collection paled in comparison to that of some of the more “elite” members here. I actually was quite depressed and upset regarding the fact that I didn’t own a single trophy card, and most of my cards are able to be bought for $100 or less. Then one night, after chatting with @viperfox I realized that you don’t need trophies or giant collections to be happy, you just need cards that speak to you! :blush:

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Great collection and pictures! Like @pokemontrader already said, you shouldn’t compare your collection to others. I don’t own any trophy cards either, but I enjoy the collection that I do have. I find the most fun cards to collect (for me), are the ones you can pull out of a booster pack. Finding booster packs can be a challenge, and so the cards inside are that much more special to me!

Those are some incredible cards. I hope you post more soon. :blush:


@areica You should collect what makes you happy. Don’t let your efforts be distracted by other collections. Every collection has a story that makes it unique. You have an excellent collection. The important thing is that you enjoy putting it together. Thank you for sharing it with us.


Sweet collection! your cards look great, especially in that binder. I always get the most joy from hunting down chase cards :wink:

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