Are there any guides with..

I’m looking for a guide/article with a lot of information about ex, Lv.X, Gold star pokémon cards etc. I dont know anything about these really and would like to know what makes them special/better/rarer etc…


I know a lot about those cards (the English versions), but I don’t know of any specific articles. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. :grin:

Id like to know what exactly makes them different from normal mew for example. Ive been on the pokegym trading post and i see alot of Celebi EX and EX FA etc but when I look up Celebi EX there is like 4 different EX versions. How do I know which ones people are referring to? and how rare/expensive are EX and gold stars? also, which celebi EX is the most valuable?

What makes them different is that they are Ultra Rare cards, so they are essentially rarer than the normal holo/non-holo versions. They also tend to be better in competitive gameplay than normal cards.

Usually people will specify via set name to indicate which EX they are talking about. If not, you just have to guess or ask. Do you know the difference between an EX and EX FA (just making sure)?

Since EX cards are newer, their values depend on how good they are in competitive game play. The older ex sets from the ex series tend to all be between $5-$10, which exception for a few ex cards such as Charizard ex or Lugia ex. Sadly, I don’t know much about the specific prices of newer EX or EX FA cards, but I can give you an easy way to price them out. Just go search up the card on Ebay using Completed Listings and Recent First and just take the average of the 5 or so most recent sales (green prices are the sold ones).

Gold stars are my favorite :3
I can probably give you full information on most of the English gold stars. I still have yet to get into the Japanese side fully though.

I’m assuming FA stands for the Full Art versions. Are Full Art any more rare/valuable than non FA?

FA is worth about 1.5 times the regular ex version yeah.

Thanks for the replies

Can anyone provide more information on the Celebi and Mew EX’s. Which sets they were released in and which EX version is best/rarest/most valuable?