Are Japanese Platinum era shinies really rare or what?

So I just got this card in, Milotic 034/100 from Beat of the Frontier (Supreme Victors). I’m absolutely thrilled to finally have this stunning beauty, even though the condition isn’t perfect.

I’ve heard before that the English version is a pain to grade, so it got me curious about the pop report for the Japanese one. Lo and behold, there are 25 1st Ed copies graded total, with only one single 10 and the bulk in the 7-8 range. Not to mention the unlimited version, which is even way more insane.
Btw., it looks about the same for the other shinies in the set (Relicanth & Yanma), as well as for all the shinies in other Platinum era sets in general.

So what’s going on here? Are these Platinum era shinies really that rare and were also produced in an atypically low quality for Japanese standards? Anybody know their pullrates?

Or is it the 'ol “low popularity = low incentive to grade = low PSA pops”?

p.s. of course, now that I own a copy, I’m somewhat partial and have a vested interest. So make of that what you will.

Additional fun fact: Bulbapedia lists these as “uncommon holo” (or “common holo” in other cases like Vulpix from Pt1). Didn’t know that something like this existed.


As an enjoyer/collecting of these Japanese DPPT Shinies, there are a variety of reasons why they have low populations at PSA.

  1. They are niche.
    A lot of people like them, but very few commit to collecting them in the first place let alone a graded collection. They are also from the least popular era of Pokemon cards.

  2. They are easily damaged straight out of the pack.
    The holo on these cards chips if you so much as breathe near them and they get knocked down to an 8 very easily from this holo chipping.

  3. They are tough to pull.
    Nothing official but in my experience they are 1/3 boxes.


These cards are pretty simple to find for a few dollars each. The problem is that the corners are always chipped/peeling so you can’t find copies worth grading.

not in japanese afaik

In lesser condition you can get them for relatively cheap. I’ve bought a lot over the past couple years for $20 and under in excellent to near mint condition, even more popular ones. However these almost always have the significant corner chipping.

If you want good mint condition copies, be prepared to pay. For copies with minimal corner chipping and no edgewear I’ve seen those go over $100.

i have only looked for the milotic, so maybe my perspective is skewed