Are dust able to damage ur cards

Hello everyone, i have a problem.

I have a Pokemon collection in toploader stored inside a bcw shoe box. I sometimes take them out to look, display or sort them. But i recently Found an article stating that dust can provoke scratching, indetation and staining to ur cards, they also said that to protest tour cards from dust u should put them in a dust proof box and put them away but i dont just want to put my cards away and never look at them.
I then went to take a look at my toploaded cards and was able to see dust partiskes inside the toploader with the card. I have been collecting Pokemon cards for around 5 years now and i want to keep my Pokemon collection safe in mint condition for many more.

Any suggestion, tips og experince please contact me.

put the top loaders in team bags

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Indeed, little baggies are the answer to what ails you. Ultra Pro Pack of 100 One Touch Resealable Poly Bags Sleeves for Card Holder

But isnt the “one Touch” resealable bags top narrow for a toploader

I like to double sleeve my cards using the KMC Perfect Fit Size sleeves.

It’s been a while since I’ve bought them (one of those things where I just have a few hundred of them I’ve been working through for years) but I’m pretty sure this is exactly what I use.

Maybe someone who has bought them more recently can make a different recommendation, if necessary.

Okay thank you guys for your help but if Anyone have any cards in toploader if yes. Please send me some pictures so i can see if dust is dangerous.