Arcanine toyota 1997 promo

Hey I just wanted to see if anyone knew the answer to this questions. Is there a difference in illustration on the 1997 arcanine promo and the best cd version? I have one listed and was told it was a toyota promo here is the link,

If anyone knows anything about it I would appreciate it. I looked on bulbapedia and it said that the cd one has a pikachu tail but I looked at some cd versions for sale and they don’t have the tail.

I used to ask this exact same question on Pokegym, about all the cards in the CD versus their originals. The answers I got back were that there is no difference whatsoever. The only way to know for sure is if its still sealed, which I have managed to get most of. I’m still trying to get the Trading Please Promos with their original packing/envelopes to ensure their authenticity if anyone has them.

i had a feeling all the cards released in the CD set were exactly the same as the original since the mew and mewtwo from the hobby fair ones were exactly the same as the CD ones even the pokeball logo on it.but the venusaur blastoise and charizard are the only ones that had a pikachu tail on it i still wonder y only those 3 had it

Thanks Claire I was thinking the same thing. I have sold the toyota set loose before but with the pikachu so it made it easier.

What is it? I’ll fix it… Errors on our site are bad, especially when they piss people off. D:

I forget. Is this the one where Pokepop swears there’s a difference and PCL can tell, or was that the WHF vending sheet?

You peeled a sheet!?!?!?!

Bad Cally! :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, I remember that. It’s the first time I’ve been annoyed with him. If it was anyone else, I would’ve thought they were trolling. No evidence at all…

NO!!! If you ever get any sealed promos let me know, I’ll a mint unsealed one for you and trade you or something!! Lol, I just into collecting sealed promos heavily.

Im that way with PSA cards… If its in the case it might be mint but if I dont want it in the case I take it out… (Please dont ask me how) but as far as Im concerned a card is mint if you think it is

Well there are definite standards. No whitening, bends, creases basically how a card looks when you pull it out of a pack :blush:

Um what? When you take it out of the case, do you damage the card? Why would you want to remove the protection - I’m guessing the case gets destroyed in this process?

no there is a way of going about it the card doesnt get damaged at all and no the case is still in good condition, but the one I had I had to take out because I had dropped the case and shattered one side of it

That must’ve been a bad drop… did the case really shatter? I doesn’t look like it would :confused:

yes it really did i hit the street HARD

Just bidded on an auction and I noted that the Toyota promo’s Arcanine has a deeper red hue on the background of the card compared to the CD promo, that seems to look more “pale” in comparison

13 years. Is that a new record? :smiley:


oh dayummm I didn even notice hahahaha, I just used the search function and saw the conversation as I myself was trying to find out what is the difference between the cd arcanine and toyota promo arcanine whilst bidding in the auction that just concluded on 29/3/24. It is fascinating to see people having the same questions 13 years later, just that in modern times there are hundreds of ebay listings to make reference to, way faster path to an answer compared to scott’s era in 2011.

Valid necro I guess