April 22nd - April 28th - Indigo Plateau - 070/L-P

Card of the week - April 22nd - April 28th, 2015****Indigo Plateau - 070/L-P

This card is a great throwback, and was released in the Clash at the Summit set and then later on as a Promotional card in Japan as a Holo Card. I think the artwork is really cool and it has been a while since we had a non-Pokemon card as a COTW.


Great artwork!

Great pick! Such a nostalgic vibe to this card (and everything from that era really). :blush:

This is one of my favorite cards of all time. Going back to the legend era brings back so many memories especially with celebi and indigo plateau on the card and what I would assume is mt silver in the back ground. I personally own this card in a Psa 10 and it is my favorite card in my collection.

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I don’t normally collect Japanese cards and I wasn’t even aware this one existed. It is gorgeous though, so I might have to pick one up for myself!